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Introduction to React

Allan Chua
January 29, 2022

Introduction to React

A short introduction to react

Allan Chua

January 29, 2022

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  1. Table of Contents • What is React • Supported Platforms

    • Origin / History • Core Philosophy • Why react • Pre-requisites • Popular Tools • UI Frameworks • How it differentiates with Vue & Angular • How to create a project • Basic Usage • Demo App
  2. Origin / History Jordan Walke Software Engineer Worked at Facebook

    Created React Scaled to Instagram @ 2012 Open-sourced @ 2013 Most Productionized Framework @ 2022
  3. Why react? Reusable Components Performance enhancements Can be used for

    mobile apps Unidirectional data flow Simple development of dynamic websites Small Learning Curve
  4. Popular Tools Developer Tools Reactide Storybook Bundle Analyzer Why Did

    You Render Jest Formik and Yup React Hook Form React Sight React Proto
  5. Learning Materials - React GITHUB Page (Link) - React Website

    (Link) - React Learning Tutorial (Link) - Material UI (Link) - Carbon (Link) - React in 10 hours Free Code Camp (Link) - React for Beginners (Link) - React Full Course (Link) - React TypeScript (Link)