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R in the Real World

R in the Real World

This deck contains two sections predominantly - 1st explaining what’s all (non-obvious) that are possible with R and 2nd, How well-known organizations are using R in their company. R is one of the most popular programming languages preferred in Data Science / Analytics.


AbdulMajedRaja RS

April 29, 2019

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  1. Industry Case-studies With Data Mining & R AbdulMajedRaja RS

  2. Simply put, What happens out there? In the Real-World, With

  3. Credit - Thanks! https://github.com/ThinkR-open/companies-using-r https://github.com/ColinFay

  4. Before we Begin

  5. What do we think about R? What comes to your

    mind when someone mentions R?
  6. This?

  7. Is that all R can do?

  8. Image Processing? https://datascienceplus.com/image-processing-and-manipulation-with-magick-in-r/

  9. Computer Vision? https://heartbeat.fritz.ai/object-detection-in-just-3-lines-of-r-code-using-tiny-yolo-b5a16e5 0e8a0

  10. Fun NLP Game? https://www.garrickadenbuie.com/blog/trump-tweet-time/

  11. Geospatial Analysis + Interactive Viz? https://towardsdatascience.com/building-a-wifi-spots-map-of-networks-around-you-with-wigle- and-r-d01a73b1172d

  12. Book / Webpage / Blog / Web App? https://amrrs.github.io/introduction_to_kaggle_tamil/index.html

  13. That useless thing

  14. R vs Python

  15. This useful thing

  16. reticulate ------ R + Python https://github.com/amrrs/python_plus_r_brug

  17. Let’s begin!

  18. Companies & Case studies • BBC • Uber • Airbnb

    • Microsoft • Stack Overflow
  19. BBC

  20. BBC - Visual & Data Journalism with R Graphics https://medium.com/bbc-visual-and-data-journalism/how-the-bbc-visual-and-data-journalism-team-works-with-graphics-in-r-ed0b35693535

    • Bbplot - bbc_style() • R cookbook - Reference guide for ggplot2
  21. Uber

  22. Uber - Why R is a great tool for UBER

    https://capetown2017.satrdays.org/talks/satRday-2017-van-heerden.pdf • ubeR - Internal R package • shinydashboard.uber / uberplot • The tidyverse • googlesheets • Xgboost • CausalImpact Process automation in R
  23. Airbnb

  24. Airbnb - Using R packages and education to scale Data

    Science at Airbnb https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/using-r-packages-and-education-to-scale-data-science-at-airbnb-906faa58e12d • Rbnb - Airbnb internal R Package ◦ a consistent API to move data between different places in the data infrastructure ◦ branded visualization themes, scales, and geoms for ggplot2 ◦ R Markdown templates for different types of reports ◦ custom functions to optimize different parts of our workflow. • Shiny ◦ Using Shiny to make decisions at Scale
  25. Microsoft

  26. Microsoft - contributing to R by tightly integrating R with

    its products https://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/2018/02/what-does-microsoft-do-with-r.html • Microsoft R Open - Microsoft's distribution of open-source R. • MRAN, which is the download repository for Microsoft R Open, and also hosts daily archive snapshots of the entire CRAN system (from 2015 to the present). • R available from within Microsoft products • Open-sourcing foreach Package Personalised Marketing at Scale with Propensity Models using R and Spark
  27. Stack Overflow

  28. Stack Overflow https://juliasilge.com/blog/one-year-at-stack/ • Survey Analytics - Stack Overflow Developer

    Survey • A/B Testing - R-based Tools and Functions to assist in A/B Testing • Research, Blogging, Communicating - Rmarkdown
  29. Much More!!!

  30. None
  31. More Resources

  32. Videos, Blogs

  33. Books (FREE)

  34. Thank you!