Failure, anxiety, and shame: approaching suffering in software development

Failure, anxiety, and shame: approaching suffering in software development

I will discuss three kinds of suffering we all experience at work: the suffering of failure, uncertainty, and insufficiency. We all have setbacks, we all experience risk and change, and we all worry that we are not good enough. All three kinds of suffering are inevitable, and they are necessary. When we become friends with the way we suffer in our work, when we become confident that we can tolerate our suffering, we can stop running from it. When we stop running, we actually suffer less, and we have more room for living. That is, the better we are able to tolerate feeling bad, the more successful we will be. I will offer tools for increasing your tolerance for suffering in the service of learning, growing, and accomplishing things you value.

Delivered at Railsconf 2019


Amy Isikoff Newell

May 02, 2019