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Mornington Square

Mornington Square

A talk I gave at BarCamp London 6

Andrew Godwin

March 28, 2009

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  1. Andrew�Godwin andrew@aeracode.org mornington square or: how i learned to stop

    worrying and love the oyster cap
  2. first stop: mornington crescent

  3. None
  4. but we have GPS devices and web browsers in our

  5. but we have GPS devices and web browsers in our

  6. instead of you choosing the rules, the server does. in

    a rather evil fashion.
  7. example rules:

  8. Montgomery's Fifth Overture Bank and Moorgate are disallowed.

  9. 1442 Variation No travelling on the District Line.

  10. 1984 Divisory Adjunction All lines except the Central Line are

    blocked inside the Circle Line.
  11. Game flow: Player chooses where to move to, and gives

    an ETA. They move. Get there early: Wait until ETA. Get there late: Delayed by 5 minutes. Server chooses new rules.
  12. Everyone has different rules.

  13. Location? But how? Clients for almost anything!

  14. Cheating! Stage one: Require position lock until next move has

    begun. Stage two: Require position lock of some pre-known local landmark. Stage three: Hack into the CCTV
  15. Hrm, that's the slides. Demo?