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South New and Old

South New and Old

A talk I gave at DjangoCon Europe 2010

Andrew Godwin

May 25, 2010

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  1. new and old south Andrew Godwin djangocon.eu 2010

  2. It's been almost 2 years. Lots has happened.

  3. Migrations? Eh? A bit like a VCS, but for database

  4. The Beginning

  5. 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql

  6. YOU ARE AT VERSION 2 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql

  7. 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql 3-remove_pony.sql 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql 4-add_postcode.sql

  8. 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql 3-remove_pony.sql 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql 4-add_postcode.sql YOU ARE AT VERSION

  9. 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql 3-remove_pony.sql 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql 4-add_postcode.sql YOU ARE AT VERSION

    3 YOU ARE AT VERSION 4 3-remove_pony.sql 4-add_postcode.sql
  10. Oracle MySQL PostgreSQL MSSQL SQLite

  11. The Early Days

  12. Adding tables Deleting tables Everything else useful

  13. 3-remove_pony.sql 1-make_tables.sql 2-add_profile.sql 4-add_postcode.sql

  14. Uh-oh, publicity

  15. Closing this, as it's unlikely we'll write a model history

    tracker in the near future, and django-evolution does this well - no need to reinvent the wheel in that area. “ “
  16. Feature Creep (of the good sort)

  17. start_field_re = re.compile(r'\s*%s\s*=\s*(.*)' % field.name) for line in source[0]: #

    if the field was found during a previous iteration, # we're here because the field spans across multiple lines # append the current line and try again
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  19. Model Freezing

  20. Historical ORM access Automatic change detection ‘Improved’ model parsing

  21. Sanity Dawns

  22. Introspection Magically supports custom fields Prevents hideous migration failure

  23. SQLite Make new table Copy data from old table Delete

    old table Rename new table
  24. Signals Speed Simplicity

  25. 1.0

  26. MultiDB? Non-relational? Renames!

  27. Organic Growth But it's still cleanly separated

  28. Database Backend Dependency/ Ordering Engine Migration Runner Auto- detector

  29. The Future

  30. Database Backend Dependency/ Ordering Engine South in future ??? Migration

    Runner Auto- detector
  31. The Ultimate Goal

  32. Andrew Godwin Fin. www.aeracode.org @andrewgodwin

  33. Andrew Godwin Fin. www.aeracode.org @andrewgodwin