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TDD for NUS Hackers

Ec9306df417149a7e1e23806a3f7ec60?s=47 Andy Croll
February 12, 2012

TDD for NUS Hackers

Given on 10th February 2012.

Contains strong opinions and a couple of swears.


Andy Croll

February 12, 2012


  1. this is why we test and you should too

  2. hello. @andycroll andycroll.com andy@impulseflyer.com andycroll@me.com

  3. the way to build software they don’t show you in

    school ‘cos they don’t know
  4. imagine all the people... not clicking through their whole websites

    when they deploy
  5. agile scrum kanban extreme programming tdd bdd simply be a

    fucking professional
  6. it’s actually simple specify what the code should do then

    make it do that
  7. then do it again and again

  8. now a demo

  9. red green refactor

  10. unit tests for your models integration tests for the whole

  11. engage your brain before your hands

  12. break a big problem down into pieces manageable brain chunks

    write the api first better, simpler code first time
  13. naming things more important than you think code as documentation

  14. confidence coding has rhythm immediate feedback protect against breakage you

    become a craftsman
  15. ruby Test::Unit MiniTest RSpec java JUnit JBehave Jtest python PyUnit

  16. come to this reddotrubyconf.com @reddotrubyconf $99