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Droidcon - Thru The Galli

9d8988f7b9debb12abca7d74724e3b7b?s=47 Anenth Guru
November 02, 2012

Droidcon - Thru The Galli


Anenth Guru

November 02, 2012

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  3. My favorite and most frequently used application on my phone

  4. http://gal.li/HyFE

  5. “super-imposing of computer generated content over a live view of

    the world”
  6. Augmneted Reality implementations

  7. (cc)  Mr3641   AR is more feasible on mobile. Thanks

    to these sensors
  8. Augmented Reality Mobile SDK

  9. h,p://gal.li/HyFE   Must Have – for the hack Native App

    Mobile Browser Desktop Browser
  10. The Bigger Picture LatLong   JSON   Route  ID  

    Route  ID   POI   JSON  
  11. Hello Mr. Murphy J h,p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaDJTMgnJ7k&feature=plcp  

  12. Sample POI data {"hotspots": [{ "id": ”first_poi", "anchor": { "geolocation":

    { "lat": 52.3729, "lon": 4.93 } }, "text": { "title": ”Turn Right", "description": ”Take a right turn in 200 meters”}, "imageURL": "http:\/\/custom.layar.nl\/layarimage.jpeg", }], "layer": ”galli", "errorString": "ok", "errorCode": 0 }
  13. @anenth   Thru the Galli h,ps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anenth.galli