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Community Engagement FTW

B6500b41998cd1ed4aa28464ec0118bb?s=47 Aniket Pant
January 05, 2013

Community Engagement FTW

The talk delved into how brands can benefit from interacting in a better manner with their audience. It's major focus was towards how commenting systems, newsletters and events can help in engaging your users.


Aniket Pant

January 05, 2013

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  1. FTW community engagement

  2. community

  3. users followers critics appraisers your {

  4. - Fanny Brice Your audience gives you everything you need.

    They tell you. There is no director who can direct you like an audience.
  5. engagement

  6. needed to make your brand big single most important entity

  7. The Medium

  8. None
  9. let’s take a look at some brands...

  10. None
  11. 800,000 Twitter followers 100,000 Facebook likes 1.4 million Google+ subscribers

  12. what do they do...

  13. it’s not just social media...

  14. what are we looking at

  15. commenting systems

  16. None
  17. • installing is a no-brainer • amount of features are

    just amazing • the API is pretty brilliant disqus Bottomline: Need an account to comment
  18. livefyre Bottomline: Doesn’t support as many platforms as Disqus •

    most versatile thing out there • a point system which is used in a great manner
  19. good ol’ facebook Bottomline: It’s too Facebooky • easy to

    setup • platform people are familiar with • makes you feel at home
  20. newletters are good

  21. it’s quite simple give em’ updates keep em’ interested make

    em’ happy your users look forward to something new, that’s why they come to you [ ]
  22. so what are the other options?

  23. Smashing Magazine BTW, they use WP comments on their site.

    • giving back to the design community • small event every month • providing recognition
  24. Be Boastful Use this awesome script written Zach Holman. Visit

    64notes.com for a unique example. • give your users a piece of your site • show their picture somewhere
  25. - The Devil Wears Prada I’d like every backbiter to

    know what, audience is always priority, rather than the stage.
  26. it’s takes a bit of effort but it can do

    you wonders
  27. so who just spoke...

  28. i’m Aniket and i’ve been around the scene for 2

    years now
  29. me@aniketpant.com or follow me on twitter @aniket_pant

  30. • Binocular - Bart Laugs, from The Noun Project •

    Bird - Jennifer Gamboa, from The Noun Project • Community - The Noun Project • Social Media - Joris hoogendoorn, from The Noun Project • Comment - Designed by Srikanta. H. U, from The Noun Project • Newsletter- Oriol Carbonell, from The Noun Project • Happy - Michael Rowe, from The Noun Project Attribution