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THAT Conf 2021

THAT Conf 2021

Opportunity, documentation, and making the tech approachable are all core principles for onboarding any new platform into any size organization. How can we make it easy for new devs to consume? How could we make it easy for new devs to contribute? Design has a pivotal role in this as well. The speed at which new or updated features and experiences are shipped is critical to business success.

In this talk, I want to share the experience our teams had with building a new design system during one of the most critical times in our history. I will discuss how we are leveraging a technology that most were unwilling to consider and using this as an opportunity to shape a new and innovative future for the org.

Dale Sande

July 29, 2021

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  1. This talk is not normal!
 2020 was not normal!

 Where we are now 
 is not normal!
  2. Dude… I already know React! You say I ‘need’ to

    learn ‘that’ so 
 that people who don’t use React
 will use my components? Nope.
  3. Building CEs is hard I am a lazy dev… do

    you have a generator, docs, support?
  4. A generator sets up new 
 devs for success with

    guardrails, & links to 
 and support.
  5. Lit 2.0 supports SSR; 
 any CE built with Lit

    will work inside a Svelte project
  6. React is still slightly a pain in the ass

    You can SHIP CEs in React, `rel` is your friend 
 Lit 2.0 support easy-to- buld React wrappers
  7. – Super Smart Designer and Engineer “What do we get

    for free? 
 And, what do we have to design/build?”
  8. 14

  9. – Super Smart Product Owner “What do I get for

 And, what will cost me?”
  10. 6