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Sass 101 - A Newb's Guide

Sass 101 - A Newb's Guide

Is Sass somewhat of a mystery to you? How does it work? Why do some say that it is better then CSS?

Cover all the basics. Nesting, parent/selector reference, variables, extends and mixins. Then progress into Sass Scripting like, operations, functions and directives.

Sass 101 - A Newb's Guide is more then just a deck, it's an interactive introduction to Sass. As an added bonus, download the PDF and each code side not only contains an awesome Sass example, but links to a long explanation to help you get started and a link to SassMeister so that you can interact with the code example.

See the corresponding code recipez:

Dale Sande

April 29, 2013

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  1. A BRIEF HISTORY OF SASS • June 30th 2006 'Hampton

    Catlin' 1st commit for HAML • Dec 3rd, 2006 'Nathan Weizenbaum' began to commit to Sass • Aug 23, 2008 'Chris Eppstein' 1st Compass commit on Github • Aug 31, 2011 Rails 3.1 comes configured with Sass by default • October 10, 2011 the first ever ‘Seattle Sass Meetup’ happened
  2. Make a simple project directory. Inside create `/sass` and `/style`

    directories. Then create `/ sass/core.scss` Last, point the `sass --watch` command at these directories.