CDI Best Practices with Real-Life Examples [TUT3287]

Bc1014dd893a5888c57be34985c70906?s=47 Ahmad Gohar
September 19, 2016

CDI Best Practices with Real-Life Examples [TUT3287]

As the adoption of Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) for Java EE API grows, it is important to understand how to use CDI effectively to maximize the benefits of using a loosely coupled, type-safe, annotation-driven dependency injection solution. This session outlines the best practices for using CDI, such as annotations versus XML, @Named as a qualifier, qualifier type safety versus verbosity, effective use of producers/disposers, using scopes properly, best practices for using conversations, defining effective stereotypes, interceptors versus decorators, static versus dynamic injection/lookup, CDI versus Java EE resource injection, using CDI with EJB 3.1, CDI/JSF 2 integration patterns, and CDI/JPA 2 usage patterns.


Ahmad Gohar

September 19, 2016