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How to become a valuable software developer

How to become a valuable software developer

My Session at Java2Days @ Sofia Bulgaria

Ahmad Gohar

October 18, 2017

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  1. Ahmad Gohar IBM WTC

  2. Who am I ! Solution Architect at IBM WTC IBM

    Certified Expert IT Specialist Opengroup Certified Master IT Specialist M.Sc. In IS MIBA OCEJPA, OCPWCD, OCP SQL/PL Java Duke Award Winner 2016 @ansgohar
  3. 1: Be crystal clear about your end goal

  4. A crystal-clear goal looks something like • “I want to

    work as a software developer at an established tech company.” • “I want to work at a brand new startup, as a software engineer, in the industry I adore.” • “I want to build things on a team, and get paid well for it.”
  5. 2: Choose a language to learn

  6. None
  7. 3: Practice…and practice some more

  8. • Some people say it takes 10,000 hours to become

    an expert. • Now, you don’t need 10,000 hours of practice to get your first software developer job. • But you do need to dedicate some serious time.
  9. 4: Use tools that real developers use

  10. • Git and GitHub • Working in your terminal •

    Test-driven development • Group projects/collaboration
  11. 5: Read other people's code

  12. 6: Find a community

  13. 7: Build projects

  14. 8: Cultivate your professional network

  15. • Go to meetups • Maintain a blog • Volunteer

    • Speak at event
  16. 9: Master your pre-interview essentials

  17. • LinkedIn profile • GitHub • Twitter • Personal/portfolio website

    • Blogging
  18. 10: Ace your job interview

  19. 11: Accept the job offer

  20. All of this sounds like a lot of work, right?

    • Short answer: yes.
  21. • It’s not easy, • And you can all but

    guarantee that you’ll get frustrated sometimes. • But it is absolutely doable.
  22. • The Top 6 Myths Holding You Back

  23. MYTH #1: I need to be a genius to become

    a developer
  24. • REALITY: • Anyone can learn how to become a

    software developer
  25. MYTH #2: Learning to code is like learning brain surgery!

  26. • REALITY: • Learning to code is easy, mastering it

    is hard.
  27. MYTH #3: I need a college degree to know how

    to become a software developer
  28. • REALITY: • Programmers without degrees are more common than

    you think
  29. MYTH #4: I need serious math skills to learn how

    to become a software developer 1
  30. • REALITY: • Success as a programmer and math proficiency

    are not directly correlated
  31. MYTH #5: Knowing the ‘best’ programming language will accelerate my

    journey to become a software developer.
  32. • REALITY: • There is no ‘best’ language to learn.

  33. MYTH #6: It is too late for me to become

    a developer.
  34. • REALITY: • It’s never too late to change careers!

  35. • The bottom line… • You have always had what

    it takes to learn how to become a software developer
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