The Tester at the Table and the Tester in my Head

The Tester at the Table and the Tester in my Head

Do you want to make an impact? Do you want your work to reach people far and wide? Do you know which of your responsibilities will have this far-reaching impact?

Through 15 years of software development, Adrian P. Dunston has had opportunities to work with dedicated and talented QA professionals. And now he has a little tester in his head.

As the tester at the table, you have an opportunity to set high standards of quality not only in products and processes but in the developers you work with. And by building quality developers, your impact can reach every project and every other developer they work with thereafter. At the very least, you can make life easier on the next poor sap that gets to QA their code.

So how does one go beyond improving products and start improving teams? How do you build up the little testers in their heads? Based on extensive reading and years of working with and without the support of QA professionals, Adrian will show you:

* How to mold quality-minded developers
* How to use repetition and story to get your ideas stuck in their heads
* How to instill habits they can use and take with them
* And why exposure to good QA person can be invaluable to a young developer


Adrian Dunston

November 08, 2018