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Reliable Communication in Poor Network Environments

Reliable Communication in Poor Network Environments

by Peter Van Der Linden @ APIStrat 2014 in Chicago


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  3. Behind The Name: Golgi !   Responsible for moving items

    in a cellular network !   Pioneer in medicine !   Nobel Laureate 1906 studies of nervous system !   Prof Golgi was born in Corteno
  4. Classic  Client/Server  architecture   u  1  :  many    connec6on

      u  No  client-­‐client   u  Use  of  h;p  makes  this  a  REST  system  
  5. !   All nodes are equal !   Client-client connectivity

    !   Servers can initiate a transaction !   No http limitations !   Resilient to network outages Mesh  network  solves  REST  limita6ons  
  6. !   I’m writing Apps for my enterprise and I

    need more time for new features !   My data is important !   I have control/input into client and server code !   I might like to initiate content delivery from server !   Peers need to talk to each other (e.g. chat) When  Do  I  Use  Golgi?    
  7. A visual commerce and social app for fashion that provides

    mobile shoppers a personalized, virtual “store- like” experience on mobile. Push Feature !   Notification of private chat messages !   In-app ‘like’ alert !   New followers alert !   Shared content alert !   Featured Content alert !   Promotional Offers from brands Peer-to-Peer Framework !   Link notification to specific screen in App !   Chat between groups of friends Golgi In Action
  8. WHAT  ARE  THE  BENEFITS?     •  Reliable  and  proven

     (telco-­‐grade  system)   •  Supports  connec6vity  not  feasible  in  client/server  mode   •  Faster  6me  to  market  
  9. 1) Register and download SDK 2) Review your apps

    3) Follow blog, forums Questions?   Peter van der Linden         Next Steps
  10. You don’t waste your time delivering your own packets. You

    use a specialist. Golgi are the specialists in packet delivery for server/mobile systems
  11. Golgi !   Prof Golgi says so!

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