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DevOps Tools Evolution

DevOps Tools Evolution

This deck was presented to the DevOps Meetup on July 20, 2015.


July 21, 2015

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  1. Today's Menu • AppsFlyer in numbers • Rnd structure in

    AppsFlyer • Our DevOps philosophy • Motivation for creating DevOps tools • Setting requirements and project assignment • Example for tools we built internally • Live demo and the developer angle
  2. AppsFlyer in numbers • ~ 4.9 billions events per day

    • ~ 120 services • Elastic hundreds to 1K instances • Dozens of deployments per day • 25 people in development • 1 team
  3. Motivations • Actual operational needs • Extend existing tools •

    Learn new technologies • Familiarize the production environment for new Rnd members • Blur the line between Dev and Ops • Improve the bonding inside the team
  4. Considerations • Needs, why do we need this project? •

    Usability – How do I see myself using the project? • The target audience. • The developer's background (Front, Mobile, etc) • Will the developer be better familiar with production environment? • How are we going to maintain the project? • What are the time constraints? • Can we roll it out in stages? • Can we release it outside?
  5. Today's Examples • Sniffer: Mapping tool (Artyom Shein) • Sensu

    Reports: Aggregated reports of Sensu (Avner Schwartz) • Bouncer: Authentication and Authorization (Reshef Mann)