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Leading with Fierce Compassion

Leading with Fierce Compassion

Software may be built on machines, but it’s built by, with, and for human beings. Ignoring the human element is what leads to unethical companies, toxic conflicts on teams, and health problems like stress and burnout.

The solution is to put humans at the center of all that we do. While empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others, compassion takes this a step further and adds the desire to alleviate suffering. At its core, technology is about alleviating suffering. We must learn to cultivate compassion for our customers, for our colleagues, for people displaced by technology, and ultimately, for ourselves.

Compassion does not make us weak. Compassion is rather a sign of incredible strength. It’s the fierce determination to minimize suffering in others and in ourselves.

This talk will show you that no matter what your job title, you have the power to lead real change and heal the tech industry with compassion.

Join us!

Presented at WeRISE 2017, Atlanta, Georgia

April Wensel

June 23, 2017

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  1. LEADING WITH FIERCE COMPASSION April Wensel Founder of Compassionate Coding

    COMPASSIONATE C O D I N G @compassioncode #WeRiseTech
  2. @compassioncode

  3. @compassioncode CC image by John Morgan - https://flic.kr/p/4y85su

  4. @compassioncode TOXIC TO EMPLOYEES

  5. 87% of women experienced demeaning comments from male colleagues @compassioncode

  6. “UNFAIRNESS in the form of everyday behavior (stereotyping, harassment, microaggressions,

    etc.) is a very real and damaging part of the tech work environment, specifically affecting underrepresented groups” @compassioncode h"p://www.kaporcenter.org/tech-leavers/
  7. “They’re not the happiest bunch. They’re all overworked and under

    pressure.” –Christina Grant, Ph.D., Vegan Gourmet Dinner Meetup, Palo Alto, August 29, 2016 @compassioncode
  8. @compassioncode h"ps://www.wired.com/video/2017/06/techies- are-using-ketamine-to-fight-their-depression/

  9. TOXIC TO USERS @compassioncode

  10. Are You Lost In The World Like Me? Animation by

    Steve Cutts Music by Moby & The Void Pacific Choir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VASywEuqFd8 @compassioncode
  11. @compassioncode

  12. TOXIC TO COMMUNITIES @compassioncode

  13. h"p://www.businessinsider.com/photos-google-and-yahoo-bus-protest-2014-4

  14. @compassioncode http://www.newyorker.com/business/currency/ silicon-valley-has-an-empathy-vacuum http://onbeing.org/programs/anil-dash-techs- moral-reckoning/

  15. @compassioncode

  16. @compassioncode •  Domination •  Aggression •  Ambition •  Competition Raj

    Sisodia Foreword, Awakening Compassion at Work Monica Worline & Jane Dutton •  Short-term thinking •  Zero-sum view of the world Hypermasculine Values
  17. @compassioncode

  18. C O D I N G COMPASSIONATE @compassioncode


  20. @compassioncode

  21. Photo courtesy of #WOCInTechChat @compassioncode

  22. YOU can lead this change @compassioncode

  23. THE PLAN 1.  WHAT is compassion? 2.  WHY is it

    important? 3.  HOW can you use it? @compassioncode
  24. COMPASSION @compassioncode

  25. @aprilwensel h"ps://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/ fileexchange/21239--ps---tricks--geGng- started-using-op-miza-on-with-matlab @compassioncode

  26. @compassioncode

  27. LOOK UPON SUFFERING @compassioncode

  28. “Compassion involves risk and makes us vulnerable.” @compassioncode –Karen Armstrong

    12 Steps to a Compassionate Life
  29. RESIST THE STATUS QUO @compassioncode

  30. RADICAL CANDOR @compassioncode

  31. WHY @compassioncode

  32. MORE EFFECTIVE TEAMS @compassioncode

  33. Compassionate business units “exhibited BETTER FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE… and these units

    realized HIGHER EMPLOYEE AND CUSTOMER RETENTION” @compassioncode Awakening Compassion at Work Monica Worline & Jane Dutton
  34. MORE CREATIVITY @compassioncode

  35. “When our brains are opened by POSITIVE EMOTIONS like JOY,

    we can BETTER SEE CONNECTIONS and more options TO SOLVE WORK PROBLEMS.” –Shawn Murphy, The Optimistic Workplace @compassioncode
  36. DEVELOP RESILIENCE @compassioncode

  37. HOW @compassioncode

  38. SLOOOOW DOWN @compassioncode

  39. @compassioncode

  40. ”We are so BUSY BEING BUSY that we don’t take

    the time to reflect on and ask the questions that can reshape our lives.” –Larry & Hersch Wilson, Play to Win @compassioncode
  41. MINDFULNESS @compassioncode

  42. NOTICE SUFFERING @compassioncode

  43. INVESTIGATE @compassioncode


  45. CONTENTIOUS CODE REVIEWS @compassioncode

  46. LULL IN USER SIGN UPS @compassioncode

  47. SNAPPING AT COWORKERS @compassioncode

  48. You are ALWAYS doing your best @compassioncode

  49. You are ALWAYS doing your best @compassioncode …given the circumstances

  50. 1.  WHAT is compassion? 2.  WHY is it important? 3. 

    HOW can you use it? @compassioncode
  51. "I'm not worried about artificial intelligence giving computers the ability

    to think like humans… I'M MORE CONCERNED ABOUT PEOPLE THINKING LIKE COMPUTERS.” –Tim Cook @compassioncode h"p://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/09/watch-apple- ceo--m-cook-speaks-at-mit-commencement.html
  52. “Remaking the tech industry…reforming it around being more ETHICAL and

    HUMANE…this is one of the most important missions around.” –Anil Dash http://onbeing.org/programs/anil- dash-techs-moral-reckoning/ @compassioncode
  53. “If it is not tempered by COMPASSION and EMPATHY, REASON

    can lead men and women into a MORAL VOID.” –Karen Armstrong Join the movement! compassionatecoding.com @compassioncode