The High Cost of Free

6362d0b8d7ec2569efb18152a0589f6d?s=47 Aral Balkan
December 06, 2012

The High Cost of Free

Imagine a future where your devices are not really yours but belong to the corporations that you licensed them from. A future where choice means deciding which multi‐billion dollar publicly‐traded corporation you want to surrender your private data to. A future where the most successful product being sold is you. That future is nearer than you think.

And yet we can still build a different future.

In this talk, Aral will show you how ‘free’ can come with a very high price tag and how design-led open source is our only hope for building an alternative, open future. A future where you own your own devices and data. A future where you are not the product being sold.

A future where you are in control.

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Aral Balkan

December 06, 2012