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OHI/O 2015: Keynote

Arnab Nandi
December 10, 2015

OHI/O 2015: Keynote

Presented by Matt Faluotico
More details at http://hack.osu.edu/2015

Arnab Nandi

December 10, 2015

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  1. What is a Hackathon? •  Bringing an idea to life

    (in only 24 hours) Wouldn’t it be cool if… Time Constraint Working Prototype Friends Mentors Co-founders Something new
  2. •  Investing in the future •  A creative ecosystem • 

    Learn by doing •  A hackathon is for everybody, not just developers “Let’s build something awesome” Fostering a Tech Culture
  3. 2013 2014 History of Hackathons at OSU •  1st university

    wide hackathon •  103 Participants •  “Lets make this a thing” •  200 Participants •  Hype Events
  4. TOWN HACKS MAKEATHON “All sections of the coding community get

    together and build something awesome” “A Hackathon for hardware”
  5. 2015 Today •  24 Hours of awesome •  500+ Attendees

    •  20 Student Planners •  8 Hype Events •  170 Teams •  14 Trays of Pasta •  Strip Steak…?
  6. 2013 2012 2014 The Vision 2015 2016 Makeathon Town Hacks

    JOIN US! JOIN US! Makeathon 2016 [Your Idea Here]
  7. The planning teams •  Buckeye Hackers •  Open Source Club

    •  Electronics Club •  ACM-W •  Mobile App Club •  CWDG •  MCs •  Chris Wallace •  Suzy Bureau •  Video •  Thomas Carlin •  David Ross College of Engineering •  Laura Sipe •  Department of Computer Science & Engineering •  Arnab Nandi •  Don Havard •  University Libraries •  Meris Mandernach •  Danny Dotson •  Engineering Career Services •  Amy Thaci •  Dani Corrigan
  8. Hype Events: All Through Fall 9/16/2015 | Resume Website Hosted

    by CWDG [Collegiate Web Developers Group] 9/24/2015 | Mobile App Hosted by Mobile App Club 10/2/2015 | Team Formation Social Hosted by ACM-W [Association for Computing Machinery - Women's Chapter] 10/20/2015 | Apple presents ResearchKit Hosted by ACM-W [Association for Computing Machinery - Women's Chapter] 10/21/2015 | Hackathons & Hardware 11/5/2015 | Team Building! Hosted by OHI/O 11/9/2015 | Git Hosted by Buckeye Hackers 11/12/2015 | Service Design for Multiplatform Apps Hosted by Microsoft & Mobile App Club
  9. Special Thanks to •  The amazing amazing team at OCIO

    •  The Ohio Union •  Dean Williams, College of Engineering •  Xiaodong Zhang, Computer Science & Engineering •  Matt McNair, VP Economic & Corporate Engagement
  10. Judges & Mentors •  60 different Judges •  Over 50

    mentors •  Real life experience we don’t get in a classroom
  11. Judges Alan Ritter, Chase McManning, Helen Patton, Jeffrey Jones, Kyle

    Decot, Manoj Srinivasan, Mark Beadles, Mike Hofherr, Naeem Shareef, Neelam Soundarajan, Paolo Sivilotti, Rebecca Garabed, Robyn Ness, Roman Holowinsky, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Steve Fischer, Steve Romig, Terry Reese, Waleed Muhanna, Chi Song, John Ray, Julia Armstrong, Liv Gjestvang, Nancy Thompson, Ola Ahlqvist, Raghu Machiraju, Richard Troth, Seth Young, Steven Bibyk, Ben Ramseth, Brad Arnold, Colin Odden, Igor Ferst, Ivan Todorov, Jack Frost, Jacob Haning, Jeff Graham, Jeremy Morris, Jessica Logan, John Yaist, Maggie Ross, Marzell Brown, Nima Ghalichechian, Phyllis Teater, Ray Li, Ryan McPherson, Sandra Metzler, Vedu Hariths, Vincent Juodvalkis, Jeff Curran, David Pickut, Matt Stockton, Nathaniel Lattimer, Anthony Russell, Rosi Wyan, Thomas Radkiewicz, Stephen Hara, Jalessia Green, Tonya Smith, David Mongeau, Jeanine Baumann
  12. Mentors Lizzy Burl, Olcay Sertel, Chris Yuska, Danny Brown, Joseph

    M Schilling, Anthony Hibbits, Yanan Li, Rosi Wyan, Jingwei Xu, Venkateswara Kesari, Maya Sugembong, Zhixuan Jia, Brian Gwin, Jason Goodman, Aaron Willians, Peter Sheridan, Jeff Becker, John Toterhi, Scott Mascio, Mez Gebre, Jim Muir, Ethan Hill, Sean Buckley, David Dehne, Timothy Armstrong, Barry Brinkley, Chris Domas, Christopher Anderson, Prasanth Bijjam, Christopher Holmok, Melissa Schaff, Evan Dragic, Shaun Dubuque, Chrissa shamberger, Ryan Rapini, Jonathan Nutt, Casey Borders, Brandon Brown, Ben Ramseth, Rick Frantz, Marzell Brown, John Yaist, Adam Wanninger, Brad Arnold, Jacob Haning, Ray Li, Stephen Hara, Margaret Ross, Mary, Randy Blankley, Matt Stockton, Sheena O'Lynn, Roy Slagle, Alex Vargas, Daniel Schlitt, Randy Blankley, Igor Ferst, David Reyburn, Boyan, Tom von Schwerdtner, Kelsie Freshour, Keyan Hardman, Bence Toth, T. Larousse, Rehan Chawdry, Bharat Kesheorey, Kuntal Roy, Angshuman Debnath, Harry Lew, Lei Li, Joe Taylor, Mark Nguyen, Mike Keck, Anthony Russell, Ryan McCafferty, Jason Knight, Nathanial Lattimer, Granville Schmidt, Stephanie Preston, Adi Yadavalli , Indraroop Mohanti
  13. Want to join us in 2016? •  Sponsors, Mentors, Judges,

    Hackers & Ideas are all welcome •  Make something awesome, all over again •  Tweet @hackohio or #hackohio •  Visit hack.osu.edu on the web •  Email [email protected]
  14. Showcase •  Out of 500 attendees, judges had to pick

    10 teams •  Each will demo their hack •  Judged on… •  Technical difficulty •  Creativity •  Practicality •  Wow-factor
  15. Park Side of the Moon •  Taylor Case •  Kiran

    Bangalore •  Zach Saylor •  Ritvik Vasudevan
  16. Dig Wood, Love Work •  Alec Workman •  Luv Jain

    •  Connor Wood •  Max Dignan
  17. Bears Bears Bears Bears •  Jim Cavoli •  Alex Cueto

    •  Michael Gans •  Matthew Mohr
  18. $250 Apple Gift Cards 1.  Develop matching algorithms to evaluate

    the raw data 2.  Identify similarities and gaps between what employers look for and what students list on resumes 3.  Visualize their findings, 4.  Make 2 recommendations for addressing keyword or other gaps between resumes and postings, and 5.  Upload their code, results, etc. to the Hackathon GitHub.
  19. Joan Cena •  Edrienne Co •  Claudia Hinkle •  Sophie

    DeRosa •  Ariane Krumel TDA $250 Apple Gift Cards
  20. $500 Best use of the ArcGIS platform •  More than

    just a map •  Drive/Walk Time Contours •  Fire Events based on Location •  Demographic Analysis •  Discover New Patterns in Data •  JavaScript, iOS, Android, and more!
  21. GoPro Cameras Connect patients with specific medical professionals: •  As

    a patient with a set of symptoms, I believe there is a healthcare provider out there with the knowledge and expertise to diagnose my illness and help me move forward. How do I find that person?
  22. The Crazy Mongoose •  Kevin Turner •  Venix Cador • 

    Shuming Chan •  Carlos Alcazar Fuse GoPro Cameras
  23. SJTU + Josh Kuehn’s Fangirls RetailMeNot $100 Amazon Gift Cards

    •  Jason Song •  Wei Pan •  Ryan Repko •  Jason Duffey •  Kyle Thompson •  Josh Clyde •  Sam Coyle
  24. The Most Men •  Scott Kevern •  Mark Labib • 

    Matias Grioni •  Emerson Cloud Aver Gift Cards
  25. 178 + KentThinkOfA TeamName •  Taha Topiwala •  Tejaswini Gautham

    •  Sagnik Aditya •  Nick Crawford Wexner Medical Center Apple Watches
  26. OHI/O Prizes Prizes presented by: Dean Williams, College of Engineering

    Executive Dean Mandersheid, College of Arts and Sciences
  27. Dig Wood, Love Work •  Alec Workman •  Luv Jain

    •  Connor Wood •  Max Dignan
  28. Bears Bears Bears Bears •  Jim Cavoli •  Alex Cueto

    •  Michael Gans •  Matthew Mohr
  29. Park Side of the Moon •  Taylor Case •  Kiran

    Bangalore •  Zach Saylor •  Ritvik Vasudevan