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Choosing the right frontend style guide workflow

744d460fbc6fd58509aaf8ba0719d192?s=47 Aaron Stanush
February 11, 2015

Choosing the right frontend style guide workflow

This talk explains the benefits of creating a living style guide for your web project, as well as provides three approaches for building and maintaining it.

Watch the video: http://4ktch.in/latin2015-style-guides

Presented at DrupalCon Latin America 2015


Aaron Stanush

February 11, 2015

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  1. February 11, 2015 Choosing the right frontend style guide workflow

    for your project DrupalCon Latin America 2015
  2. Listen to this talk: 4ktch.in/latin2015-style-guides Presented at

  3. Aaron Stanush Creative Director and Partner @aaronstanush aaron@fourkitchens.com

  4. Traditional style guides

  5. None
  6. None
  7. None
  8. None
  9. None
  10. None
  11. Links!

  12. Links :(

  13. 2012: starbucks.com goes responsive

  14. Starbucks style guide

  15. None
  16. Typography Buttons Grid Layouts Navigation Media Forms Starbucks style guide

  17. None
  18. You want a living style guide

  19. Why create a living style guide?

  20. Traditional style guides • PDF :( • Latest version? •

    Hard to distribute • Hard to edit / keep up to date • Impossible to document web interactivity
  21. Advantages to creating a living style guide

  22. Improves team-wide communication

  23. bradfrost.com/blog/post/interface-inventory Provides design consistency

  24. Patterns + Reusability = Faster build times

  25. Living style guides • Improve cross-team communication • Provide design

    consistency • Avoid CSS bloat, encourages reusability • Faster build times • Made with actual HTML/CSS + Interactivity • Available online, editable • Version control
  26. What’s in a style guide?

  27. Branding

  28. Writing

  29. Design Language

  30. Coding standards

  31. Component / Pattern / UI library

  32. Choose your own adventure

  33. Start with the basics • Branding assets • Color palette

    • Typography • Grid • UI components / Patterns • Page layouts
  34. “… it’s a one-stop place for the entire team—from product

    owners and producers to designers and developers—to reference when discussing site changes and iterations.” — Susan Robertson alistapart.com/article/creating-style-guides
  35. Approaches

  36. Style guides approaches Manual Generated Hybrid

  37. Production Visual Design Prototypes Manual style guide Style Guide Custom

    build or framework Design / Build
  38. wp.style.fourkitchens.com World Pulse style guide worldpulse.com

  39. texasexes.style.fourkitchens.com Texas Exes style guide github.com/fourkitchens/texasexes-style-guide

  40. Code for America, pattern library as a deliverable style.codeforamerica.org

  41. Manual style guide tools • Static site generators • Jekyll

    - jekyllrb.com • Middleman - middlemanapp.com • Style guide frameworks • styleguides.io/tools.html
  42. Keeping your style guide in sync • Keep Sass/asset directories

    identical to production • Git subtree merging • Bower • github.com/north/generator-Style-Prototype#via-bower • Advanced: Make your style guide a services that your websites and apps can use
  43. When to use the manual approach • Doing design upfront

    is part of your process • Need to start design before you know everything you’re building • Development resources aren’t available • Design is the deliverable
  44. Generated style guide Production Visual Design Prototypes Design / Build

    CSS + documentation syntax Generator magic! Style Guide
  45. What’s a generator? 1. Write your Sass 2. Add documentation

    as comments 3. Run the generator app in the command line 4. You’ve got a style guide! Let’s do an example with kss-node!
  46. None
  47. main title Description Chapter # section title markup Classes, states

    Subchapter # Styles
  48. github.com/kss-node/kss-node $ kss-node 1. Parses your stylesheets 2. Outputs static

    HTML files in /styleguide
  49. None
  50. KSS-node + Drupal amsterdam2014.drupal.org/session/styleguide-driven-development-new-web-development

  51. vinspee.me/style-guide-guide Lots of generators to choose from alistapart.com/blog/post/style-guide-generator-roundup

  52. When to use the Generator approach • The project doesn’t

    afford a lot of time for upfront design • You want to design against the production environment/CMS • You’re only doing the implementation • You don’t want to maintain a separate/custom system for the style guide
  53. CSS / JS Development/ Production Style Guide Hybrid style guide

    Component markup / HTML
  54. cognition.happycog.com/article/the-scoop-on-our-benjerry.com-style-guide Ben & Jerry’s style guide

  55. When to use the Hybrid approach • You don’t necessarily

    want the documentation inside the Sass/CSS itself • You need more flexibility in your environments • You need more flexibility in how designers and developers work together
  56. …and if you want to take your style guide to

    the next level
  57. medium.com/salesforce-ux/living-design-system-3ab1f2280ef7 sfdc-styleguide.herokuapp.com ianfeather.co.uk/a-maintainable-style-guide rizzo.lonelyplanet.com/styleguide

  58. What if I want to add a style guide for

    my existing site?
  59. Creating style guides for existing sites • Hybrid (easier): Create

    a style guide with your site’s components and link it to your production CSS • Generated (harder): Choose a generator, then go through your production Sass and add the appropriate structured documentation syntax more time consuming, but more sustainable
  60. Best practices

  61. Best practices • Put it online and easy to find

    • Make it for everyone • Make it part of your workflow • Keep things general, aim for reuse • Make maintenance easy (Keep it up to date!) More: bradfrost.com/blog/post/style-guide-best-practices
  62. Resources

  63. Articles Books Podcasts Talks Tools Examples styleguides.io

  64. github.com/maban/styleguides

  65. Style Guide Podcast styleguides.io/podcast/index.html

  66. atomicdesign.bradfrost.com

  67. 4ktch.in/ams-style-guides

  68. Thank you!