Recipe for a yummy PowerPoint presentation

B05d122385edb93f3a15bb29f6e702ec?s=47 Ana Strucic
July 27, 2012

Recipe for a yummy PowerPoint presentation


Ana Strucic

July 27, 2012


  1. 2.

    Ingredients Enough time Good quality images Nice looking fonts (that's

    not one of them!) Sentence or two per slide Color scheme and consistency Eye catching opening slide Fresh ideas
  2. 5.

    2 Directions Think about the subject. Try to imagine what

    you would like to see if someone else was giving that same presentation.
  3. 6.

    3 Directions Don't use custom templates. Be creative. Take your

    time and try to start from blank canvas.
  4. 7.

    4 Directions Don't be afraid to use fresh ideas. Cook

    something different. Turn your presentation into a comic book or maybe a cookbook?
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  6. 12.

    Serving Have fun and be natural. If you follow my

    recipe you’ll cook it good. Bon appetite.