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Performance Feat. Webpack

75bb20a5a37aa5879c61a9327c3e357c?s=47 Atishay
September 30, 2018

Performance Feat. Webpack



September 30, 2018

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  1. Web-performance feat. Weback

  2. What is performance • Network Performance • Rendering Performance

  3. Expectation???

  4. Measuring Performance • How to know the areas where we

    can improve the performance • Tools which can be used to measure performance
  5. JavaScript cost • Browser engines • Parsing Technique of Browser

    Engines • Improving parse time
  6. Optimization Techniques With Webpack • Performance and webpack 4 •

    Split chunk plugin and its configuration • Dynamic code splitting with CSS and JavaScript • Pre-fetching
  7. Case Studies and examples

  8. QnA and About me