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Do These 3 Things NOW to Guarantee Your Holiday Fundraising Success featuring Sandy Rees

August 17, 2022

Do These 3 Things NOW to Guarantee Your Holiday Fundraising Success featuring Sandy Rees

In this workshop, you'll learn some simple, practical steps you can take to build relationships with donors, even if you've let things slide for the past few months. You'll learn:

How to warm up your donors and even uncover a matching gift prospect for your Year-End or Giving Tuesday campaign.
How to map out when you'll ask and what you'll ask for so you can stop shooting from the hop and instead work from a plan with full confidence that donors will give.
What a great example of a Fall ask looks like and what makes it great.


August 17, 2022

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  1. Do These 3 Things NOW to Blow Past Your Holiday

    Fundraising Goals Sandy Rees Chief Encouragement Officer
  2. You’re in the right place…  Need to raise BIG

    BUCKS during the holidays!  Aren’t sure how to do that  Believe in planning and want to get yourself ready for success  Want some ninja tips to blow past your goals!
  3. About me --  Fundraising Nerd  Trainer  Animal

    lover  Founder & Host of Fundraising TV me and Ginger
  4. Here’s my story…

  5. I wasn’t born with fundraising skills…

  6. I didn’t sign up for fundraising at career day

  7. Where I learned it was…

  8. What happened was…

  9. Today…

  10. Holidays 2021 “We did it!” “We reached our goal early.

    What do we do now?” “Thank you, thank you!! “We’ve never raised that much during the holidays before!” “I can’t believe we did it!” “That was amazing!”
  11. Let’s jump in!


  13. Common Problems:  Assuming that people will give just because

    it’s the holidays  Waiting until the last minute to plan  Over-asking  Bad asks/begging
  14. Here’s where we are: You are here Fundraising season starts

    Prime time!
  15. Here’s what you need: Start now! Fundraising season starts Prime

  16. Before you can eat cake:

  17. Before you can eat cake:  Choose a recipe 

    Decide when you’ll bake  Shop for ingredients  Mix the ingredients  Bake the cake  Let it cool  Grab a fork!!
  18. Same with Fall/Holiday fundraising

  19. What Good fundraising is:  Donor focused  Partnership 

    Transformational for the donor AND the charity
  20. What fundraising isn’t:  Begging  Arm twisting  “Hitting

    people up”
  21. None
  22. Do lots of this NOW

  23. Maintain a positive balance

  24. Strategy #1: Warm Up Donors  Lots of warm touches

     Remind them they’re the hero  Make ‘em feel good!
  25. What that means…  Consistent, warm communications  More stories,

    more photos, more video  More invitations to connect
  26. Ninja ideas:  Mid-Year Update  Thank-you video  Thank-you

    calls to your best donors**
  27. Strategy #2: Map it out  Number of Asks 

    When will you Ask?  What happens when you’re not Asking?
  28. Ninja Trick: 3-to-1 ratio

  29. Ninja trick: Calendar it

  30. Strategy #3: Covid-Proof Your plans  Always have a virtual

    option  Leverage online fundraising (you can do more!)  Highlight the sense of urgency
  31. Explain why you need help NOW!  What will happen

    if you meet your goal?  What will happen if you DON’T? Will lives fall through the cracks?
  32. Now what?

  33. Resource

  34. Get Your Fall/Holiday Fundraising Plan done!

  35. Your plan for success!  What to say to get

    waves of donations  Strategically time your Asks so you don’t wear people out  Thank people so well they share what you send!  120-Day Foolproof Holiday Fundraising Plan
  36. www.InspiredFundraisingRetreat.com People Say…

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