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Event and Auction Fundraising Ingredients for 2021

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January 13, 2021

Event and Auction Fundraising Ingredients for 2021

* Event Fundraiser Opportunities and Expectations
* No single recipe for event fundraising
* Online auction
* Donation campaign
* Virtual event
* Virtual event w/live auction
* Benefits, boosters and considerations of all types of virtual events
* Tools and technology considerations
* Q + A



January 13, 2021


  1. Event and Auction Fundraising Ingredients for 2021

  2. Q4 2020 over 1500 auction & event fundraisers

  3. Agenda: Opportunities and Expectations • No single recipe for event

    fundraising ◦ Online auction, ◦ Donation campaign, ◦ Virtual event, ◦ Virtual event w/live auction • Benefits, boosters and considerations of all types of virtual events • Tools and technology considerations • Reach • Q + A
  4. Many Routes to the Same Destination Take the route for

    YOUR organization that is: • On budget • Has the correct pilot or driver • Has the correct vehicle
  5. History & Goals History of previous events • Donors •

    Sponsors • Bidders • Be realistic yet optimistic Goals • Financial • Build donor/supporter list • New volunteers
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  9. Online Event Benefits Benefits • Runs days not hours •

    Pre registration not necessary • Auction items that are appealing to the audience • Broader audience, no ticket or admission required • Easy to share event • Easy to share an item • Can be run with small team • Auction is open 24 hours a day
  10. Online Auctria Booster Boosters: • Daily updates • Day-only items

    • Featured items with an influencer • For sale merchandise • Donation buttons • Anti-sniping • Proxy bidding • Text-2-register, donate, bid • Beautiful website • Display auction item catalog • Video on website • Video for auction item
  11. Online Event Considerations Considerations • Limited social interaction • Distribute

    auction items post event • Bidders tend to be active at the beginning and end of auction with a lull in the middle • Engage for final push • Lessen friction for registration • Educate audience, teach them how-to
  12. Donation Only Benefits Benefits • Stand-alone campaign • Showcase mission

    & successes • Illustrate current and future needs • Use video and images • Expand reach • Publicize any donation match Don’t be shy asking for cash donations
  13. Donation Only Boosters Boosters • Be clear about where the

    funds are going • Fund a need • Make it easy • Buttons for quick tap • Text-2-donate • Immediate payment, no registration required
  14. Donation Only Considerations Considerations • Appeal to cash-only audience •

    Timing with other asks or events • Look internally for guidance • Use your email channel • Reason to visit the donation page • Reason to give Unit of service amount, what will this be funding
  15. Where will people be viewing the show • Facebook •

    YouTube • Website • Zoom How are you going to get the broadcast out? • Natively (platform directly ie Facebook Live) • Compositing and streaming (ie OBS Streamyard)
  16. Virtual Event Benefits Benefits • Connect with a purpose •

    Longer format to engage and share impact messaging • Tie in online auction • Messaging from leadership • Impact stories • Pre-party • Live chat • Public recognition of donors & sponsors • Have fun
  17. Virtual Event ONLY Benefits • Focus more time on mission

    • Event, concert, trivia, symphony, special service (MORE fun) • Special event can live on bring in attention and funds • At home party activity (painting, cooking, wine tasting) • Donation campaign
  18. Virtual Event w/Live Auction Benefits • Live auction items •

    Recognize bidders as they bid and donate • Opportunity to raise money using special auction items • Add variety to the virtual event • Live bidding builds energy • Encourage those that can’t bid to donate in other ways Use Auctria’s Live Auction Controller to make the magic happen
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  20. Virtual Event Considerations Considerations • Filling the time with meaningful

    content • Full script • Getting the audience to tune in • Keeping the attention of the audience • Enough of an audience to make it work • Enough bidders to bid on live auction items • Tech and people Plan for multiple practices with everyone involved.
  21. Auctria Pre-Event Pre Event Website • Sponsor sales • Ticket

    sales • For-sale items in advance • Catalog preview • Seeking donations • Solicitation form on event website • Landing page for general inquiries
  22. Auctria Event Event • Go live auction & donations •

    First impressions matter • Auction catalog desiriable • Item images • Buy-in parties as buy-it-now • System communications • Online auction proxy bidding & anti-sniping • Using the website to optimize messaging and catalog • Mobile app for quick bidding • Thermometer (optional)
  23. Auctria Close & Post-Event Notifications • System will send out

    item won notifications, • You can trigger receipts & statements • Bidder can view account summary Post-Event communications • Follow-up on spending • Post updates • If you ran a live event, post video with a donation button • Run reports, export
  24. Expectations Closer to the core the more interaction and support

    can be expected. What makes up the core?
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  26. None
  27. Stay in Touch with Auctria @auctria Email: hello@auctria.com FB Group:

    Auction Team Talk Auctria Launch & Assist