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Get $10k in ads for free, Instructions Included

April 04, 2023

Get $10k in ads for free, Instructions Included

Need help as a nonprofit to attain and maintain the Google Ad Grant? This webinar is for you!

The Google Ad Grant offers an opportunity for nonprofits to get into the digital advertising space for free with up to $10,000 in donated ad space. How do you apply for this program and how does it work? Jessica King, business lead at Getting Attention will break it all down and explain how Google Ad Grant management companies can act as an extension of your team

Getting Attention can help you at any phase of the process, from determining eligibility and applying for the Grant to creating or optimizing landing pages to building and maintaining Ad campaigns. Whether your organization is brand new to the Google Grant or has been using it for years and needs to free up some time for your team, the experts at Getting Attention are ready to help.


April 04, 2023

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  1. Google Ad Grants Uses Nonprofit Services Advocacy Activities Volunteer Registration

    Upcoming Events Educational Content Donation / Sponsorship Opportunities
  2. Decide how to manage Google requires that your Ads account

    meet certain requirements to maintain the Grant, including but not limited to: ➔ Maintaining a high-quality website ➔ Maintain good account structure and proper bid strategy ➔ Deliver high quality ads and landing pages ➔ Conversion tracking ➔ Keyword quality score of 3 or higher ➔ 5% CTR each month ➔ Fill out the annual survey each year
  3. Google Ad Grant managers like Getting Attention can help organizations

    at any phase of the Google Ad Grant process. ➔ Application for new Google Ad Grants ➔ Reactivation of lapsed Google Ad Grants ➔ Management of current Google Ad Grants Having an external expert manage your Google Ad Grant frees up your team’s time and allows you to get the most from your Ad Grant. Who should work with a Google Ad Grant manager?
  4. Want to walk through the Google Ad Grant application? As

    a thank-you for joining today’s webinar, we’d like to pick a nonprofit to walk through the Google Ad Grant application process. There’s no obligation to become a Getting Attention client – we’ll review the process live on a follow-up to this webinar. If you’re interested, please fill out this interest form and we’ll reach out if you’re selected: https://forms.gle/vGX1D16et9fpBQDv5