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Journey Based Marketing feat: Elevation Web.org

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January 21, 2022

Journey Based Marketing feat: Elevation Web.org

Why marketing?
Top of Mind
Marketing Journey
Marketing Funnel
Marketing Plan
Non Profit Marketing
Applying with Auctria



January 21, 2022

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  1. Journey Based Marketing Featuring: Samantha Lee, Elevation Web

  2. 40K Auctions & event fundraisers Over $400 Million raised using

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  5. Agenda: Journey Base Marketing 1. Why marketing? 2. Top of

    Mind 3. Marketing Journey 4. Marketing Funnel 5. Marketing Plan 6. Non Profit Marketing 7. Applying with Auctria
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  13. Event Website is part of the Journey Event website •

    Use your images, & video • Share in all active channels • Link to YOUR website Be strategic • Rotate images if it’s a longer event, don’t clutter the page • Keep information current • Assign this duty and calendar for follow-up
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    Auction Team Talk www.auctria.com + Launch
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