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Next Gen Event Fundraiser with Auctria: Hybrid & Online

August 30, 2021

Next Gen Event Fundraiser with Auctria: Hybrid & Online

Our agenda today is to explain what a hybrid event may look like and how the fundraising part works within the Auctria platform. Highlighting a few key touchpoints to help you think about how you may want to handle the content/entertainment side of the event.

Hybrid, Virtual, Online, these are blending together in terminology these days so we will start with the vocabulary and move on from there.
Dual audiences
Planning your event
Fundraising at your event
Live & livestream at your event
Online auction and more


August 30, 2021

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  1. Agenda: Hybrid, Virtual, Online • Defining hybrid event • Dual

    audiences • Planning your event • Fundraising at your event • Live & livestream at your event • Online auction and more
  2. Hybrid Event Fundraiser defined A hybrid event fundraiser is one

    that brings together an in person event and simultaneously broadcasts a virtual event. The goal is to reach a larger audience to make a grander event reaching the highest income. • Fundraising portion can be handled online and/or live in the room • Involves the use of live streaming for the show Auctria streamlines the fundraising You create the show
  3. Dual Audiences Compelling Content Maintain the 45 minutes or less

    for the show Make it interesting Reason to tune in Reason to support the cause
  4. Planning Requires Evaluating Resources People and equipment • Staff &

    volunteers • Knowledge and ability • A/V production staff & equipment • Auctioneer/ Emcee
  5. Party In the Room • Cocktail hour, meal & dessert

    • Social • Traditional party • Cameras on for just the main event Out of the Room • VIP swag boxes • Meal delivery or pick-up • Live stream video access • Chat functionality
  6. Hybrid Event Live Stream considerations • Timeline, create and stick

    to the run of show • Live stream capability • Camera, producer, techs • Clear audio and video You are running a virtual event simultaneously see Auctria’s virtual event webinars Livestream that easy to access wherever you are you live streaming to
  7. Your Show, defining your compelling reason Virtual attendee • Reason

    to purchase • VIP experience • Food and beverage Hybrid in-person attendee • In the room food and beverage • Socializing & networking • Party atmosphere Reason to tune in and stay tuned in Raffle, live, trivia, recognition
  8. Aiming the attention of the hybrid live auction ...to the

    stage for in-the room bidders, not phones Use spotters to record bids in the room so the online bidding remains pristine. Hitting the target is knowing where the supporters are located
  9. Aiming the attention of the silent online auction Closing the

    online/silent auction at a time that is favorable to all bidders whilst not taking away from the main stage. Hitting the target is making bidding, donations and purchases easy
  10. Live Auction In the Room • Bid by paddle with

    spotter • Bid by phone as an exception, not the rule, attention on the stage not a phone • EXTRA spotter notify the stage when there is an online bid Out of the Room • Bid online • Recognize online bidders • Bidding will be simultaneous, show may have lag time Use Auctria’s bid monitor from the stage see Auctria’s virtual spotlight articles
  11. Paddle Raise In the Room • Raise the paddle with

    spotter • Donate by text (or mobile page only if necessary) Out of the Room • Donate online • Donate by text Recognize pre-committed donations Call out donations that come from the online audience
  12. Fundraising at the Hybrid Event • Reason to give •

    Testimonials • Where is the money going Show and tell your story, lead with mission, what will the funds support.
  13. Concurrent Silent or Online at In Person Event Item Type

    = Online • Bidding for days not hours • Set online bidding open and close date and time Bidding • IN the room: kiosk or mobile device • Out of the room: computer, mobile device
  14. Live Auction at an In Person Event Item Type =

    Live • Use Live Auction Controller to open & close bidding manually as auctioneer or emcee is presenting the auction item Bidding • IN the room: paddle and spotter recording as a shadow bidder • OUT of the room: computer or personal device
  15. Using Auctria To Streamline Your Event Built in features •

    QR codes for items, bidders • Kiosk mode • Text-2: register, bid, buy, donate • E tickets • Bidder access codes via email and text • Check in page • Checkout, batch, email text, links • Video on event website (with Vimeo or YouTube link)
  16. Contactless Events Maintain safety and security • No check in

    required, post table list or cards • Text to register, or send access codes • QR codes on display pages • Mobile bidding and donating • Checkout by: ◦ batch ◦ text or email payment links
  17. Online Auction PLUS Benefits & boosters • Open the auction

    for days, no hours • Bid extension • Proxy bidding Set-up as online or change current auction items to online
  18. Convert item types as needed Change item types at anytime

    • Mass changes • Set online bidding times • Items auto-close • Bidders receive winning bid notification • Can click payment link if credit cards are enabled
  19. Upcoming Webinar The AV Department is a relationship-based, full-service livestreaming,

    media production, and live event audio visual partner. With every virtual, hybrid, live event, and video produced, The AV Department team strives to make a difference to each and every client and ultimately inspire results. 2020 BY THE NUMBERS