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Suhail Doshi

Suhail Doshi

Suhail Doshi, Mixpanel Co Founder.
His personality traits.
What we can learn from his journey so far.


Akshit Khurana

March 23, 2012


  1. mixpanel Suhail Doshi Akshit Khurana

  2. The beginning $ 50 000

  3. The summer of High School senior year The Job

  4. Not for him. 5 Interviews. No Job.

  5. Mom: "You’re not even trying to get a job" No

    job but I’m going to make money.
  6. The Black Hat Job Making Money

  7. Fail. But do not stop. Do Stuff

  8. Get what you want. Determined

  9. "If this guy can do it, I could do it

    too" Kevin Rose
  10. "I started doing a few projects" Personalized RSS

  11. Not the one we have today! MixPanel?

  12. Yes, the first MixPanel failed. Things he learned

  13. Another company came out with the same idea Don't let

    something demotivate you
  14. Learn at every step. Improve.

  15. World's source of opinions. Discuss what you are passionate about.

  16. Google's answer to facebook apps OpenSocial

  17. the internship Slide

  18. Give it a little more time. Stick with things.

  19. The next big thing. Opportunist

  20. CS? no EE? no CS! Arizona State University

  21. To have a co founder or not to have a

    cofounder. Cofounder
  22. Gaming Company Another Zynga

  23. You'll find him or he'll find you Don't look for

    a cofounder
  24. Do something you are passionate about Have Passion

  25. Y combinator Y

  26. YC Alumni

  27. The other half. Tim Trefren

  28. Garry Tan, Posterous. YC Interview

  29. The Idea MixPanel

  30. No, just before that. The YC Interview

  31. Talk to people, ask for help. Reach Out

  32. Market is important. Find a Viable Idea

  33. Funding. Demo day

  34. Never going back. Dropping out.

  35. Wisely. Take the hard decision

  36. Moderate risks, wise choices. Risk Taker

  37. Don't Stop. Perseverance

  38. What we can learn: • Do stuff: fail but don't

    stop • Don't let something demotivate you • Stick with things, persistence. • Don't leave everything to find a co founder. • Find a viable idea, with a good market • Take the hard decision, wisely.
  39. Suhail's Entrepreneurial Traits • Determination • Self-Improvement • Opportunist •

    Passionate • Social: Reach out • Risk Taker • Perseverance
  40. Everything real time Bonus: Culture!

  41. Questions? Thank You. Akshit Khurana