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GABC2019: Sort your (child's) Legos with Cognitive Services by David Schneider

GABC2019: Sort your (child's) Legos with Cognitive Services by David Schneider

With Custom Vision we can recognize and assign objects. A simple example teaches you how to tag Lego bricks, train the model, and call the model from your code. With Custom Vision you can sort the Lego bricks by color, size or type. In this session you will learn the power of Custom Vision in a simple and fun way and you will see how to approach such a project.

Azure Zurich User Group

April 27, 2019

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  1. David Schneider: Sort your (child's) Legos with Cognitive Services

  2. About me David Schneider CTO & Office Manager Barcelona https://sharepointcommunity.ch

    https://linkedin.com/in/david-schneider https://twitter.com/fiddi https://davidschneider.blog
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  6. Pre-Built AI 6 Ready to use with API For a

    reasanable price Performant Customizable Compliant In the Cloud or on the edge

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  9. SCENARIOS Wear & Rust Detection Incorrect Configurations Sort Parts

  10. CUSTOM VISION Upload Images Upload your own labeled images Train

    Teach Custom Vision services using your labeled images. Evaluate Use REST API to tag images with your custom vision model.
  11. OBJECT DETECTION VS. CLASSIFICATION blue-4x2: 99% green-4x2: 2% green-4x2: 98%

    blue-4x2: 2%
  12. Demo: Custom Vision

  13. Custom Vision SDK

  14. COMMONLY USED APIS Prediction Training • Create images • Tag

    images • Create projects • Manage projects • Manage iterations • Create tags • Get account information • Train a project • Predict images • Predict and save images • Predict image URLs • Predict and save image URLs
  15. Demo: Prediction in C#

  16. Custom Vision & Azure IoT Edge

  17. TRAIN IN THE CLOUD, RUN ANYWHERE Train your model in

    Custom Vision Service Deploy & Run Anywhere TensorFlow ONNX/WinML CoreML Azure IoT Edge Docker Export
  18. AZURE IOT EDGE + CUSTOM VISION Camera Custom Vision Display

    Azure IoT Edge Runtime IoT Hub & Container Registry Camera https://github.com/Azure-Samples/Custom-vision-service-iot-edge-raspberry-pi
  19. Demo: Custom Vision Model on a Raspberry Pi

  20. VISION AI DEV KIT https://visionaidevkit.com

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