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Hacking your Boss for Cloud & DevOps Adoption by Emanuel Kleindienst

Hacking your Boss for Cloud & DevOps Adoption by Emanuel Kleindienst

In this talk I’ll provide you with ideas and arguments you can use to convince your team leaders and management over the adoption towards cloud computing and the implementation of DevOps processes. With the gathered arsenal of stories and transition plans you may win your boss and internal IT to spare some budget for your propositions.

Emanuel is the CCO at VSHN AG. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Management and eMBA from UCIrvine. He spent 20+ years in the Swiss and international IT industry with stations at Honeywell (Intermec), Cisco Systems, Init7 (AS13030) and Brocade Communications. At VSHN, a Zurich based Start-up focused on managed services, DevOps and automation, he's currently building the Sales und Marketing department.

Azure Zurich User Group

April 22, 2017

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  1. Hi Azure Zurich Bootcamp!

  2. Topics: Who am I, who are you? Secrets... Management aspects

    Stereotypes How to hack your boss for Cloud
  3. Emanuel Kleindienst, CHE & IRE CCO, Commercial guy | M.A.M.,

    eMBA UCIrvine | Engaged to a Dr. med. International traveller | Fluent in German, English, Norwegian etc.
  4. Who are you? Software Developer? | IT Professional? | Team

    Leader / Management Sales & Marketing?
  5. Management considerations The two reasons: More revenue and Less costs

  6. Social intelligence "To get from someone else what YOU want,

    you first have to give him / her what HE or SHE wants"
  7. Collect and prepare your arguments Cost transparency | Low investment

    | Flexible Working | More security Less On-call | Less efforts with updates | Better protection against failures
  8. Why DevOps? CI & CD | Agile | Brings Dev

    & Ops to one table | Much faster deployments | Much faster recovery | More flexible in any way
  9. Repeat your message Not every day for sure! | But

    every other day... | And please be patient!
  10. Your boss is an IT Manager Busy like hell |

    Lots of pressure | Long list of open projects | Suffering from delays | Long response times, months | Not open to new stuff
  11. Your boss is a Product owner ROI | Fast time

    to market | Flexibility, e.g. interactive product website Short term view | Get to the customers as close as possible
  12. Your boss is an Compliance manager Where are the data

    located | Security, regulations, rules, layers Reporting, job protection | Reactive, brake, usually saying NO...
  13. Your boss is Head of SW development Project controlling |

    Open standards | Cost & time saving Fluctuation = documentation | Quality | Run everywhere
  14. Who is your boss? Tell your story | How can

    we hack him / her? | Open discussion
  15. Repeat your message Not every day for sure! | But

    every other day... | And please be patient!
  16. Thank you! Questions?