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The Latest in Technical SEO for News Publishers

The Latest in Technical SEO for News Publishers

Slides from my talk at the 2022 News and Editorial SEO Summit where I gave an overview of the newest developments in technical SEO for news websites.

More info: https://newsseo.io

Barry Adams

October 04, 2022

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  1. #NESS22 The Latest in Technical SEO for News Publishers Barry

  2. #NESS22

  3. #NESS22 #NESS22 Last Year…

  4. #NESS22 #NESS22 Crawling Indexing Serving Google Processes

  5. #NESS22 #NESS22 Crawling Indexing Serving Technical SEO Google Processes

  6. #NESS22 NESS22 1. Crawling (Googlebot) ➢ URL discovery ➢ URL

    prioritisation ➢ URL de-duplication ➢ Queue management ➢ HTTP response parsing ➢ TTFB monitoring ➢ Resource management ➢ … ? Crawling
  7. #NESS22 NESS22 Priority for News Publishers ✓ Rapid crawling of

    newly published articles Crawling
  8. #NESS22 #NESS22 2. Indexing Crawling Indexing Serving

  9. #NESS22 NESS22 2. Indexing Indexing ➢ Index selection ➢ HTML

    tokenisation & parsing ➢ Rendering* ➢ Meta tag processing ➢ Canonicalisation ➢ Index sanitation ➢ Calculating PageRank ➢ Quality evaluations ➢ … ? * Not for news articles
  10. #NESS22 NESS22 Priority for News Publishers Indexing ✓ Flawless indexing

    of articles
  11. #NESS22 #NESS22 What’s New in 2022?

  12. #NESS22 NESS22

  13. #NESS22 NESS22 New and Updated GSC Reports • Simplified Coverage

    report • Improved Core Web Vitals report • New reports: ➢ HTTPS ➢ Video Indexing ➢ Merchant Listings
  14. #NESS22 NESS22 Simplified Index Coverage Report

  15. #NESS22 NESS22 Why pages aren’t indexed

  16. #NESS22 NESS22 Improved CWV Report • More URL-level data

  17. #NESS22 NESS22 New Report: HTTPS

  18. #NESS22 NESS22 New Report: HTTPS

  19. #NESS22 NESS22 New Report: Video Pages

  20. #NESS22 NESS22 New Report: Video Pages

  21. #NESS22 NESS22 New Report: Merchant Listings

  22. #NESS22 NESS22 New Report: Merchant Listings

  23. #NESS22 NESS22 GSC API supports Discover & News https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2021/10/search- analytics-discover-gnews

  24. #NESS22 NESS22 New robots tag: indexifembedded https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2022/01/robots- meta-tag-indexifembedded

  25. #NESS22 NESS22 Google Confirms: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/crawling- indexing/valid-page-metadata

  26. #NESS22 #NESS22 Edge SEO

  27. #NESS22 NESS22 Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) Your Webserver Cloud CDNs

  28. #NESS22 NESS22 Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) Your Webserver Cloud CDNs

  29. #NESS22 NESS22 Edge SEO Your Webserver Cloud CDNs Googlebot Change

    your webpages here
  30. #NESS22 NESS22 Edge SEO • CDNs store cached versions of

    your webpages; ➢ Global coverage with edge nodes worldwide ➢ Usually also results in faster crawling and better CWV • You manipulate your CDN cached pages; ➢ Cloud Workers enable a range of functionality • Googlebot crawls & indexes the changed CDN-cached pages; ➢ Your ‘original’ website remains unchanged ➢ Google only sees the changed CDN webpages
  31. #NESS22 NESS22 Why Edge SEO? • Faster deployment; ➢ Bypass

    your developers’ lengthy queues ➢ ‘Ask forgiveness, not permission’ ➢ No reliance on client-side JavaScript • No CMS constraints; ➢ Change pages directly regardless of your CMS capabilities • Testing; ➢ Perform narrow tests on specific site sections ➢ A/B testing for SEO
  32. #NESS22 NESS22 SEO A/B Split Testing

  33. #NESS22 NESS22 SEO Split Testing Case Studies https://www.searchpilot.com/resources/newsletter/

  34. #NESS22 #NESS22

  35. #NESS22 NESS22

  36. #NESS22 NESS22 The Great AMP Deletion

  37. #NESS22 NESS22 https://kurtgessler.medium.com/what-happened-when-we-disabled- google-amp-at-tribune-publishing-2fa65a2f2a40

  38. #NESS22 NESS22 Google has removed AMP from documentation

  39. #NESS22

  40. #NESS22 NESS22 Caveat: You need good Core Web Vitals

  41. #NESS22 NESS22 https://datastudio.google.com/s/i5xOURZw1zQ

  42. #NESS22 #NESS22 Google Giveth and Taketh Away

  43. #NESS22 NESS22 September Core Algorithm Update(s)

  44. #NESS22 NESS22 News & Media is down overall https://www.amsivedigital.com/insights/seo/ winners-losers-of-the-september-2022-core-

  45. #NESS22 NESS22 The Dangers of Chasing Algorithms… • It’s hard

    to make sense of Core Algo Updates; ➢ Inherently inscrutable due to Google’s reliance on ML • Avoid wasting resources on ‘busywork’; ➢ Fixing those wayward 301-redirects and occasional 404s isn’t going to make things magically better • Double-down on your strengths; ➢ Best immunisation for Google’s whims is brand power
  46. #NESS22 NESS22

  47. #NESS22 Thank You Q&A