Realtime Systems for Social Data Analysis (RICON East 2013)

Realtime Systems for Social Data Analysis (RICON East 2013)

Presentation delivered by Hilary Mason at RICON East 2013.

It's one thing to have a lot of data, and another to make it useful. This talk explores the interplay between infrastructure, algorithms, and data necessary to design robust systems that produce useful and measurable insights for realtime data products. We'll walk through several examples and discuss the design metaphors that bitly uses to rapidly develop these kinds of systems.

About Hilary

Hilary is the Chief Scientist at bitly, the URL- shortening and bookmarking service, where she makes beautiful things with data. She is a former computer science professor with a background is in machine learning and data mining. As native New Yorker, Hilary was appointed to Mayor Bloomberg’s Technology and Innovation Advisory Council. She also co-founded HackNY, created dataists, and is a member of NYCResistor.


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May 14, 2013