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The Rise of AI: Peak Ace Dinner Series (Munich)

The Rise of AI: Peak Ace Dinner Series (Munich)

Some thoughts on the current state of AI, presented at the Peak Ace Pre-SMX Munich Dinner Event 2023.

Bastian Grimm

March 23, 2023

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  1. Bastian Grimm | Peak Ace AG | @basgr The Rise

    of AI A few thoughts to chew on
  2. pa.ag @peakaceag 4 GPT-4 will be much more extensive than

    its predecessor Attention - speculation: The parameter scope of GPT-4 is not confirmed yet and is only based on an interview with Sam Altman [CEO OpenAI]. Source: https://pa.ag/3UgkBjm billion parameters 1.5 GPT-2 billion parameters 175 GPT-3 trillion parameters 100 GPT-4 x571 x177
  3. pa.ag @peakaceag 5 Problems with (large) language models ”Training a

    single BERT base model (without parameter tuning) on GPUs was estimated to require as much energy as a trans-American flight.” [Source: Mozilla] Source: https://pa.ag/3tuOwJ9 Computing power The quality of the results improves as the size of the LLMs increases. Gains are incremental, while costs increase exponentially. Biased training data If biased data are used, the system will likely show the same bias when making decisions in practice. Environmental impact Training a large transformer model produces 5.680% more carbon emissions than one human per year. Static perspectives Large language models are usually trained once and used over long periods of time.
  4. pa.ag @peakaceag 6 A more hands-on “bias example” from Amazon

    The company developed AI to help scale recruiting – which didn’t work so well… Source: https://pa.ag/4228GtP Amazon’s computer models were trained to vet applicants by observing patterns in resumes submitted to the company over a 10-year period. Most came from men, a reflection of male dominance across the tech industry. […] In effect, Amazon’s system taught itself that male candidates were preferable. It penalised resumes that included the word “women’s” and downgraded graduates of two all-women’s colleges.
  5. pa.ag @peakaceag 9 Ever wondered how those “make person XYZ

    sing a song” apps work? Source: https://pa.ag/3ZXB5PW The LSN library implementation is available for free on Github.
  6. pa.ag @peakaceag 10 Have you ever heard of DeepFaceLab by

    chance? Source: https://pa.ag/3yslyfn De-age the face Replace the head Replace the face
  7. pa.ag @peakaceag 11 DeepFaceLab: a deepfake framework for face-swapping It

    provides tools and an easy-to-use way to conduct high-quality face-swapping; and yes, it’s free Source: https://pa.ag/3YG9MbQ Deepfake defense not only requires the research of detection but also requires the efforts of generation methods. However, current deepfake methods suffer the effects of obscure workflow and poor performance. To solve this problem, we present DeepFaceLab […]
  8. pa.ag @peakaceag 12 DeepFaceLive: yep, you can even do this

    “live”… You can swap your face from a webcam or the face in any other video with trained face models which are ready to use out of the box: Source: https://pa.ag/3J9h9mo These persons do not exist. Similarities with real people are accidental.
  9. pa.ag @peakaceag 20 The 2023 MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

    & Data) landscape: 1,400+ and growing Source: https://pa.ag/3LdKDST
  10. pa.ag @peakaceag 23 humata.ai: Summarise long papers (aka PDFs) You’re

    in SEO and reading, things like patents and other papers? Here’s your solution: Sources: https://pa.ag/3YyKhJv & https://pa.ag/3l6o0VR Or you can try chatpdf.com:
  11. pa.ag @peakaceag 24 Want to get more hands-on? Try Luminar

    AI photo editor Easy-to-use, available on any device (Win, Mac, Photoshop plug-in, etc) Source: https://pa.ag/3yuYxIA
  12. pa.ag @peakaceag 25 cleanup.pictures Remove any unwanted object, defect or

    even people from your picture in seconds Source: https://cleanup.pictures
  13. pa.ag @peakaceag 26 Ready for some scary stuff in-between? “We

    propose a new method based on a diffusion model (DM) to reconstruct images from human brain activity obtained via functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)” Source: https://pa.ag/3ZBaHvG Reconstructing visual experiences from human brain activity offers a unique way to understand how the brain represents the world, and to interpret the connection between computer vision models and our visual system.
  14. pa.ag @peakaceag 27 AI audio & music tools Krisp AI:

    Removes background voices, noises and echo from all your calls Cleanvoice AI: Removes filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds from podcasts or audio recordings Podcastle AI: Studio-quality recording, editing, and seamless exporting – in a single web platform soundraw.io: Royalty-free music, AI generated based on mood, genre and length. Descript.com: To write, record, transcribe and edit video and podcasts Soundbite AI: Turn new and existing audio and video content into ready-to- edit social media posts, and summaries.
  15. pa.ag @peakaceag 28 Want to boost personalised interactions with customers?

    Maverick records once but automatically personalises for all, sending videos at scale. Source: https://pa.ag/3ZSIZdu
  16. pa.ag @peakaceag 29 MURF.ai as solution for challenges in video

    production Going from text to speech with a versatile AI voice generator ▪ MURF is an AI tool that offers realistic voices to use for voiceovers ▪ Depending on your contract subscription, you can choose between 20 languages and over 120 voices ▪ Cost effective way without having to invest in equipment ▪ The tool is very easy to use and scales well Challenge: A client would like to use a video in different regions but does not have enough local employees to voice the scripts.
  17. pa.ag @peakaceag 30 The Peak Ace team used MURF.ai for

    a cost-effective localisation of video assets: Step 1: Transcribe the original script and localise it into the right language Step 3: Input your localised text and export Step 2: Decide on the voice you'd like to use Step 4: Add the new script to your video and adjust until it sounds perfect Original New French version
  18. pa.ag @peakaceag 31 Gen-1 by Runway in particular looks crazy

    cool: Just look at how it transfers the style of any image or prompt to every frame of a video: Source: https://pa.ag/3J6GDRA Source Video Generated Video Driving Image
  19. pa.ag @peakaceag 33 Compose AI: A Chrome extension to make

    you fast(er) A free Chrome extension to automate your writing Source: https://pa.ag/41TToay
  20. pa.ag @peakaceag 34 ExcelFormulaBot: turn your problem into a formula

    Transform your text instructions into Excel formulas in seconds Source: https://pa.ag/3ythYlb
  21. pa.ag @peakaceag 35 Otter.ai does almost the same – and

    more Your meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries: Source: https://pa.ag/3LhCcWC Word of advice (and caution): It's super practical, but getting consent to record, among other facts, is super important – especially since some services can automatically send meeting summaries by email afterwards!
  22. pa.ag @peakaceag 36 Need help to deliver a (visually supported)

    pitch? Try Tome app's approach to AI-based generative storytelling: Source: https://pa.ag/3FhIPEz
  23. pa.ag @peakaceag 38 Some useful Chrome extensions worth checking out

    Obviously, what is useful for you heavily depends on your goals and use-cases: Source: https://pa.ag/3Fc28iF My current favourites/recommendations:
  24. pa.ag @peakaceag 39 AIPRM for ChatGTP can make things easier

    Access a curated selection of ChatGPT prompts specifically designed for SEOs, marketers, sales, support, copywriting and more: Source: https://aiprm.com/
  25. pa.ag @peakaceag 40 Does ChatGPT remember what happened earlier in

    the conversation? Source: https://pa.ag/3FfiQgW While ChatGPT is able to remember what the user has said earlier in the conversation, there is a limit to how much information it can retain. […] up to approximately 3000 words (or 4000 tokens) from the current conversation – any information beyond that is not stored. […] ChatGPT is not able to access past conversations to inform its responses. Always include all important parameters as well as style info, etc. in the original prompt.
  26. pa.ag @peakaceag 42 Amazon entered the game with impressive first

    results Amazon has released a new language model that outperforms GPT-3.5 on ScienceQA by 16 percentage points, or 75.1% to 91.6% accuracy Source: https://pa.ag/3Fl5ZKe Amazon researchers came up with Multimodal-CoT, which combines visual features in a separate training framework, to reduce the effects of these mistakes [hallucinatory reasoning patterns]
  27. pa.ag @peakaceag 43 Language models using APIs for even better

    results This paper shows that LMs can teach themselves to use external tools via simple APIs Source: https://pa.ag/3T1Nq3z Toolformer: A model trained to decide which APIs to call, when to call them, what arguments to pass, and how to best incorporate the results into future token prediction.
  28. pa.ag @peakaceag 46 Planning for Artificial General Intelligence and beyond

    “As our systems get closer to AGI, we are becoming increasingly cautious with the creation and deployment of our models.” Source: https://pa.ag/3mxjSOU The first AGI will be just a point along the continuum of intelligence. We think it’s likely that progress will continue from there […] If this is true, the world could become extremely different from how it is today, and the risks could be extraordinary. A misaligned super intelligent AGI could cause grievous harm to the world; an autocratic regime with a decisive superintelligence lead could do that too.
  29. pa.ag @peakaceag 47 The best part of this OpenAI post

    though? Source: https://pa.ag/3mxjSOU Successfully transitioning to a world with superintelligence is perhaps the most important— and hopeful, and scary—project in human history. Success is far from guaranteed, and the stakes (boundless downside and boundless upside) will hopefully unite all of us.