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The Scale of the US EMV Transition

The Scale of the US EMV Transition

Here's a graphic we've put together that explains why EMV is so complex for the US market compared to other countries that have already implemented it. Not only is the US market bigger than most, but it's also more diverse and fragmented. EMV has never before been deployed in such a complex payments landscape.


Bayberry Consulting

April 03, 2013


  1. The Scale of the US EMV Transition The Relative Complexity

    of Leading Payments Markets United States PoS 10m ATM 0.4m Cards 1,200m EMV Acceptance <1% Germany PoS 0.68m ATM 0.06m Cards 122m EMV Acceptance 88% Brazil PoS 4m ATM 0.2m Cards 400m EMV Acceptance 90% China PoS 32m ATM 0.25m Cards 3,200m EMV Acceptance 58% United States 6000+ Issuers 100+ Acquirers Germany 65+ Issuers 7 Acquirers Brazil 44+ Issuers 4 Acquirers China 30+ Issuers 1 Acquirer