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Elovalo Effect Challenge

September 05, 2012

Elovalo Effect Challenge

The purpose of Elovalo project (elovalo.org) is to produce three pedestals with a led cube (512 leds) on top of them for Jyväskylä's City of Light event. The pedestals will be visible at a local park.

This challenge is meant to encourage programmers to participate in the project. We are mainly looking for effect related contributions. They are to be implemented in C in a somewhat limited environment . A Blender based simulator has been implemented to make it easier to visualize the algorithms.

In addition to elovalo.org, those interested should check out https://github.com/hacklab-jkl/elovalo .

The challenge deadline is fixed to 19.9 although it is appreciated that possible entries are delivered before so we have time to integrate them to the trunk. No prizes, sorry. Just fame and name in the credits.


September 05, 2012

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  1. Elovalo Effect Challenge
    Juho Vepsäläinen
    Sept 5, 2012

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  2. Elovalo, not El Ovalo!
    Valon Kaupunki (City of Light), Jyväskylä
    Project proposal at Spring
    Led cube thingy got through
    Live Herring as a sponsor
    Design, concepting done
    Assembly (3x) + fx left

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  3. Technical Specifications
    512 voxels (8x8x8 LEDs), double-buffered display
    AVR ATMega328 @ 16MHz (2k SRAM (0.5k for you guys), 32k FLASH)
    Sensors: proximity (x2), ambient sound, ambient light
    Bidirectional UART interface
    RTC for scheduling

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  4. Software Specifications
    C (yay!) + some magic
    Previz using Blender (got scripts for that)
    Memory (that 0.5k) an issue
    Procedural fx + buffer tricks ftw

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  5. Demo Time!
    (Show the cube and simulator now, mkay?)

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  6. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/challenge-accepted

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  7. Challenge Accepted?
    Create playlists/effects
    Fork and send us pull requests. Work against the effects branch!
    Possible ideas and discussion
    Rewards: fame and no fortune (at least you get to the credits + the effect will run
    on the real thing for a week)
    Deadline: 19.9 (within two weeks)

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