What can we learn from the Good Design Awards 2019?

249a6c41589285f22654d7ceb28484e2?s=47 Ben Crothers
September 12, 2019

What can we learn from the Good Design Awards 2019?

As one of the judges of the Good Design Awards in Australia, I'm incredibly inspired and humbled by the amazing work being done in this field, both here in Australia and overseas. I gave this talk at the September Sydney Design Thinking meetup, as a (very biased and cherry-picked) overview of the awards winners, what it's like as a judge, and the judging process.

I gave some commentary that you won't get with these slides here, but I hope just looking at the variety will inspire you, too. If you were a judge, what criteria would you set for the awards? And: would you set yourself the same criteria? How are you going, in your field? Let's keep spurring each other on, inspiring each other, and sharing our best.


Ben Crothers

September 12, 2019