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NEPHP 2014 - How to Win Friends and Influence Developers

22f21d5c22b930fd35dd98f25dedf6a4?s=47 Ben Edmunds
September 07, 2014

NEPHP 2014 - How to Win Friends and Influence Developers

Learn how to get along well with your co-workers and work your way up the corporate ladder. Or better yet, burn it down. Politely of course.

In this session we will lay out several soft skills for developers

Working well with your co-workers.
How to look good in the eyes of management without giving up your opinion or dignity.
Basic pointers for leading other developers.
How to get involved and excel at open source projects.


Ben Edmunds

September 07, 2014


  1. Win Friends and Influence Developers don’t be an asshole

  2. Who is this guy? Ben Edmunds ! @benedmunds http://benedmunds.com

  3. Who is this guy? Ben Edmunds ! Open Source Author

    PHP Town Hall Podcast CTO at Mindfulware
  4. None
  5. Communication

  6. Communication IS KING

  7. Co-workers Communication Bosses Clients

  8. Co-Workers

  9. None
  10. Empathy Co-Workers

  11. Work Hard Co-Workers

  12. Clarify Repeat Repeat Co-Workers

  13. Constructive Code Reviews Co-Workers

  14. Lend a Hand Co-Workers

  15. Golden Rule Co-Workers

  16. Confront Issues $frustration++ Co-Workers

  17. Allies Co-Workers

  18. Bosses

  19. None
  20. Direct Boss Management etc… Bosses

  21. What are you doing? Bosses

  22. Roadblocks Bosses

  23. Burn Out Bosses

  24. Stop Burn Out Bosses

  25. Bad Boss Bosses

  26. Quit! Bosses

  27. Clients

  28. None
  29. All of the Above Clients

  30. Clarify / Repeat What You’re Doing Allies Clients

  31. Excelling

  32. None
  33. Don’t? Excelling

  34. Volunteer Take Responsibility ! Excelling

  35. High Visibility Quality Demos Excelling

  36. Learn Convey Ideas Convince Excelling

  37. GET SHIT DONE Excelling

  38. Open Source

  39. None
  40. Create the next Rails ??? Profit Open Source

  41. Developer = Bad User Open Source

  42. PRSTFU Open Source

  43. Recruit Delegate Open Source

  44. Get Started Docs Open Source

  45. Issues Features Open Source

  46. Appreciate Feedback Say NO Open Source

  47. Open Source Guilt Have Fun! Open Source

  48. Q/A TIME! Ben Edmunds @benedmunds http://benedmunds.com