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Multiplied book launch events

Multiplied book launch events

Intro talk slides for TPXimpact panel events, celebrating the launch of Multiplied: How Digital Transformation Can Deliver More Impact for the Public Sector


Ben Holliday

July 14, 2022

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  1. “Claiming that something is impossible is nothing more than a

    temporary working hypothesis. Two plus two can equal five if something changes.” – Arne Naess
  2. Future digital transformation Exploring what becomes possible when we bring

    together modern design, digital technologies, and innovative change programmes. Lessons from the pandemic Learnings from the public sector's response to the pandemic, and why things shouldn't revert back to how they were before. Making more possible How organisations are rethinking the relationships they have with society, working more closely with local communities. Hyper-local futures Understanding the need to fundamentally reshape our public institutions, delivering better outcomes for people and the places they live. A new mindset The need for a new mindset, as well as new skill sets to deliver policy and joined up services. Value multiplied Demonstrating that better value for money is possible, and that we should expect wider benefits for society. Themes tpximpact.com/multiplied-book
  3. “We dare not look under the hood into the big

    deep problems, we build digital garnish to distract from the problems” – Tom Goodwin
  4. “I was attracted both by the sheer idea and the

    fact that it had never been done before” – Margaret Hamilton
  5. Simon Parker Director for Transformation and Policy Capability, at the

    Department for Education Rebecca Tinker Director - Digital Delivery, at NHS Blood and Transplant Claire Hazelgrove Community and Political Engagement Director at TPXimpact Simon Dixon Deputy Director for User Centred Design, Mental Health, and Standards Assurance at NHS Transformation Directorate Zung Nguyen Vu TPXimpact London
  6. Emma Cheshire TPXimpact Sophie Dennis Director of Human-Centred Design &

    Customer Experience at UK Health Security Agency Maxine Paintain Head of Product, Ministry of Justice Phil Hesketh Founder, ConsentKit Tom Chigbo Community Engagement & Participation Manager, TPXimpact Leeds