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Create Leicester - January 2018

Ben Holliday
January 19, 2018

Create Leicester - January 2018

A designer's response to the digital age

Ben Holliday

January 19, 2018

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  1. A designer’s response to the digital age wearefuturegov.com #FGis10

  2. 2 hell

  3. 3 Ben Holliday
 Design Director @benholliday wearefuturegov.com #FGis10

  4. 4 10 years of creating better public services
 fit for

    the 21st century, together. Design Tech Change
  5. 5 An integrated (re)design approach in the public sector Services

    Products Organisations
  6. 6 Services in local government and beyond Transport Housing Health

    & Adult 
 Social Care Children’s 
 services Community
 safety Charities/
 3rd Sector
  7. 7 Design is a 
 good idea

  8. It’s important that we start by imagining something better than

    what already exists. 8 
  9. A new vision for what could be possible. Ideas are

    how you get started. 9 
 bit.ly/sticks-in-the-ground It’s arrogant to think you can change the

    world. But it’s also necessary. 10
  11. Boldness and scale of civic architecture. There’s a positivity and

    optimism to it. 11 
  12. How can we be ambitious and bold for a digital

    age? 12
  13. 13 What it means
 to be digital

  14. Digital is
 not only technology, 
 but a mindset

    ways of working. 14
  15. DIGITAL: Applying the culture, practices & processes of the internet-

    era to respond to people’s raised expectations 15 Tom Loosemore @tomskitomski
  16. 16 Internet-era services have changed our lives

  17. 17 Internet-era companies Have a useful and usable vision

    a compelling emotional component and clear picture of the future. Ambition to re-think fundamentally
 Products, services and business models. Focus on outcomes
 Learning what works and responding to feedback. Adaptable
 Making it faster to change direction.
  18. Public services 
 are beginning 
 to look more 

    like this. 18
  19. 19 The Internet of Things (IoT)

  20. 20 Transparent
 Built on trust and consent. Faster
 Moving towards

    instantaneous. Automated
 Efficient. Connected People, data and experiences. Things of
 the internet Accessible
 Usable and reliable. Responsive
 Adaptable and highly tailored. Open
 Anywhere, anytime and 
 always on. bit.ly/things-of-the-internet
  21. 21 Convenience 
 isn’t digital

  22. 22 In accepting convenience we fail to question why we’re

    not managing our time and priorities.
  23. 23 Solving the problem of having to find great recipes

    and then shop for ingredients. 
  24. 24 Something that’s being sold to you as more convenient

    may well be a lost social interaction that you’ll never get back. bit.ly/convenience-isnt-digital
  25. 25 Faced with unlimited and immediate choice we find ourselves

    making bad decisions. 
  26. 26 The challenge is redistributing 
 the impact of technology

  27. 27 Attention-driven design

  28. 28 Connection-driven design

  29. We can use emerging technology to create social value 29

  30. 30 A designer’s response

  31. 31 GOAL: Services and products capable of increasing social cohesion

    and individual connection, with a hyper-local and highly tailored individual focus.
  32. 32 How will you respond to the challenge?

  33. thank
 you wearefuturegov.com #FGis10

  34. Q&A wearefuturegov.com #FGis10