Rapid Prototyping with Vue.js

Rapid Prototyping with Vue.js

Ever feel like the design process is a drag? You’ve gotta do some research, define some wireframes, maybe do some high fidelity mockups? Sometimes talking gets in the way of the actual doing and sometimes there’s more value into just do. Recognize the benefits of rapid prototyping to increase communication and collaboration on your project teams. There are a number of great rapid prototyping tools out there today. In this session, we’ll focus on Vue.js as a rapid prototyping tool to quickly implement functional design concepts and streamline the designer + developer relationship.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn:

1. Challenges with most design to development processes
2. Benefits of rapid prototyping
3. Creating a consistent language between designers and developers
4. Leveraging frameworks like Vue.js to build a rapid prototyping framework
5. Bending the web to your will to create highly functional prototypes


Bermon Painter

March 22, 2019