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Graphicdemia: Curating and Promoting Graphic Novels Using Social Media

November 18, 2014

Graphicdemia: Curating and Promoting Graphic Novels Using Social Media

Presentation for MXCC.


November 18, 2014

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  1. Graphicdemia:     Cura/ng  and  Promo/ng   Graphic  Novels  

      Using  Social  Media         Lisa  Rabey   [email protected]   hAps://lisa.rabey.net  
  2. What  is  Graphicdemia?   •  Term  coined  in  2013  

      •  Collec/ng,  teaching,  circula/ng,  and  loving   graphic  novels  and  comics  in  academia.   •  More  specifically,  a  resource  for  collec/ng,   promo/ng,  and  circula/ng  graphic  novels  at   non-­‐research  ins/tu/ons,  special  libraries,   archives,  and  community  colleges.    
  3. Using  Online  Tools  For  Promo/on   WordPress   Pinterest  

    TwiAer   Tumblr     Facebook   HootSuite   LibGuides  
  4.   Using  these  tools  individually  as  well  as   collabora/vely

     allows  for  beAer  content   management,  content  cura/on,  dispersion,   and  engagement  across  various  social   networks.  
  5. WordPress  self-­‐hosted     hAps://lisa.rabey.net/projects/graphicdemia/  

  6. WordPress  WordPress  Hosted   hAp://grcclibrary.wordpress.com   hAp://grcclibrary.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/banned-­‐books-­‐week-­‐graphic-­‐novels/  

  7. WordPress  Publicize  

  8. Pinterest   hAp://www.pinterest.com/grcclibrary/graphic-­‐novels/  

  9. Pinterest  to  Library  Catalog  

  10. Tumblr   hAp://librarygrcc.tumblr.com/  

  11. TwiAer   hAps://twiAer.com/librarygrcc  

  12. HootSuite*   hAp://hootsuite.com   *TwiAer,  Facebook,  Google+,  Linkedin,  Foursquare,  WordPress

  13. LibGuides   hAp://subjectguides.grcc.edu/   hAp://subjectguides.grcc.edu/graphicnovels  

  14. And  lastly:   •  Created  a  social  media  policy  and

     a  best   prac/ces  for  content  management   •  Consistent  branding  across  the  sites   •  Constantly  evaluated  new  tools  for  integra/on   into  the  workflow  as  well  as  evaluated  exis/ng   tools  for  depreca/on   •  Collaborated  and  also  trained  staff  on  using   these  tools  
  15. THANK  YOU!