Data Science in 2016: Moving up by Paco Nathan at Big Data Spain 2015

Data Science in 2016: Moving up by Paco Nathan at Big Data Spain 2015

The term 'Data Science' was first described in scientific literature about 15 years ago. It started to become a major trend in industry about 7 years ago.

O'Reilly Media surveys the industry extensively each year. In addition we get a good birds-eye view of industry trends through our conference programs and publications, working closely with some of the best practitioners in Data Science.

By now, the field has evolved far beyond its origins eclipsing an earlier generation of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing approaches. Data Science is moving up, into the business verticals and government spheres of influence where it has true global impact.

This talk considers Data Science trends from the past three years in particular. What is emerging? Which parts are evolving? Which seem cluttered and poised for consolidation or other change?

Session presented at Big Data Spain 2015 Conference
15th Oct 2015
Kinépolis Madrid
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Big Data Spain

October 22, 2015