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Stanford Research Park Transportation Demand Management by Jamie Jarvis

Stanford Research Park Transportation Demand Management by Jamie Jarvis

Presented by Jamie Jarvis, Transportation Demand Manager for Stanford Research Park to Moving on Mobility: Last Mile Transportation Solutions at Stanford University on May 2, 2016. Organized by the Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford Public Policy , the Precourt Institute for Energy and Joint Venture Silicon Valley.

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  1. Stanford Research Park Transportation Demand Management Jamie Jarvis Transportation Demand

    Manager May 2, 2016
  2. Agenda • Stanford Research Park Overview & Transportation Environment •

    Existing Employer & SRP-wide TDM Programs • Stanford Research Park Last Mile Opportunities
  3. Stanford Research Park Overview & Transportation Environment

  4. Palo Alto’s home base for cutting-edge and influential companies •

    World’s first university-affiliated business park founded in 1951 • 700 acres with 10+ million square feet • 150+ companies and ~29,000 employees
  5. SRP Largest Employers

  6. Transportation Environment SRP Transportation Environment: Congestion • Impacts employee productivity,

    recruiting and retention
  7. SRP Transportation Environment: Existing Commute Patterns Employee Residences • 50%

    South Bay • 20% East Bay • 20% Peninsula • 10% SF 20% within 10 Miles
  8. Transit Systems • VTA • Caltrain • Dumbarton Express SRP

    Transportation Environment: Public Transportation Systems
  9. SRP Transportation Environment: Caltrain • California Ave Station: ½ mile,

    40-60 minute peak period train frequency • University Ave Station: 2 miles, 10-15 minute peak period train frequency
  10. • Maximum 15-min walk from Cal Ave station is reasonable

    SRP Transportation Environment: Distance to Transit Hub • Lacks the advantage of being near a transit hub
  11. Existing Employer & SRP-wide TDM Programs

  12. SRP Employer Transportation Programs • Transit Subsidies • Caltrain Express

    Shuttles • Vanpool Support • Long Distances Buses • Bicycling Services
  13. • Similar to a TMA • Largest 12 employers representing

    75% of SRP employees • Meet monthly to strategize • Share data and best practices • Launch pilot programs, collect data and evaluate through periodic surveys • Staffed by full-time TDM manager SRP-wide TDM: Working Group
  14. SRP-wide TDM: Free Caltrain Shuttle Service • Serves San Francisco,

    Peninsula and South Bay commuters • Downtown Palo Alto Transit Center • 25 minute ride to VMware
  15. SRP-wide TDM: Bulk Eco Pass Purchase • Ideal for South

    Bay & East Bay commuters • 35 participating employers • Over 14,400 employees
  16. • Propose new bicycling programs • Support new cyclists and

    create bicycling culture across SRP • Provide input on infrastructure upgrades SRP-Wide TDM: Bicycle Champions Advisory Group
  17. • Free to all SRP employees • Expanded to include

    transit disruptions • Added UberTM and LyftTM as options SRP-wide TDM: Guaranteed Ride Home
  18. www.StanfordResearchPark.com • Information • Services • Events • Promotions SRP-wide

    TDM: SRP Transportation Website
  19. SRP-wide TDM: Interactive Trip Planning Tool • Personalized Trip Planning

    • Tracking • Challenges • Rewards & Recognition
  20. • Free registration ($90 value) • $25 use credit SRP-wide

    TDM: Car Share
  21. SRP-wide TDM: Bicycling Services

  22. • $1 ScoopTM carpool promotion • Bike to Work day

    • Spare the Air campaign SRP-wide TDM: Events & Promotions
  23. • Commuter bus partnerships are more effective and sustainable SRP-wide

    TDM: Long-Distance Commuter Bus Pilot
  24. SRP-wide TDM: Comprehensive, Integrated Programs • Support large employers •

    Engage small employers • Provide benefits of scale • Facilitate collaboration and partnerships
  25. Stanford Research Park Last Mile Opportunities

  26. SRP Last Mile Opportunities • Facilitate On-Demand Carpooling

  27. SRP Last Mile Opportunities • Support On-Demand Public Transit

  28. SRP Last Mile Opportunities • Increase frequency of Caltrain service

    to California Ave station California Avenue Caltrain Station University Avenue Caltrain Station
  29. SRP Last Mile Opportunities • Expand Bike Share

  30. SRP Last Mile Opportunities • Improve Bike/Ped Access and Infrastructure

  31. Keys to Successful Last Mile Solutions in SRP • Experiment

    with new technologies and evolve programs • Leverage local & regional public systems • Customize solutions for our unique population and environment
  32. Thank you for this opportunity to share our TDM efforts

    for Stanford Research Park