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MARKOS License Analyzer

MARKOS License Analyzer

Short presentation about MARKOS License analyzer for FLOSS Community Metrics



January 30, 2015


  1. MARKOS License Analyzer J. Manrique López de la Fuente @jsmanrique

    | @bitergia htp://bitergia.com
  2. MARKOS : the MARket for Open Source 30.01.15 2

  3. MARKOS : the MARket for Open Source 30.01.15 3

  4. MARKOS : the MARket for Open Source 30.01.15 4

  5. MARKOS License Analyzer 30.01.15 5 Objectves: • To develop a

    knowledge base for analyzing sofware licensing issues. • To develop an interactve web applicaton for analyzing open source licensing issues.
  6. Licensing Knowledge Base Open Source Licensing Ontology • Event Calculus,

    for temporal reasoning • Deontc modalites (permissions, obligatons, prohibitons) • Open source licensing terms, based on the Creatve Commons Rights Expression Language • Used to model 15 popular open source licenses, including AGPL, Apache, Artstc, GPL, BSD, EPL, EUPL, LGPL, MIT and MPL, some of these in multple versions. Open Source Licensing Rulebase • Main problem: open source sofware is developed world-wide, but copyright law varies from country to country • Soluton: – Simplifed model of copyright law, refectng common practce (de facto norms) – Include rules for alternatve interpretatons of open, controversial legal issues – Enable users to defne and apply “legal profles”, to select the interpretatons and rules they want to apply. 30.01.15 6
  7. License Modelling Example: MPLv2 Individual: MPL-2.0 Annotatons: rdfs:seeAlso "htp://www.mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/"^^xsd:anyURI, mtop:name

    "MPL" Types: WeakReciprocalLicenseTemplate Facts: copyright:permits copyright:Sublicensing, copyright:permits copyright:Reproducton, copyright:permits copyright:PatentGrant, copyright:permits copyright:Adaptaton, copyright:permits copyright:Distributon, copyright:requires copyright:SourceCode, copyright:requires copyright:Notce, copyright:prohibits copyright:HoldLiable, copyright:requires copyright:Reciprocity, copyright:prohibits copyright:UseTrademark, mtop:version "2.0", templateSource "htp://www.mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/"^^xsd:anyURI 30.01.15 7
  8. Example Rules (t/make-scheme :id 'dynamically-linked-library-rule :conclusion '(copyright:derivedFrom ?R1 ?R2) :premises

    [(a/pm '(top:provenanceRelease ?E1 ?R1)) (a/pm '(sof:dynamicallyLinkedEntty ?E1 ?E2)) (a/pm '(top:provenanceRelease ?E2 ?R2))]) (t/make-scheme :id 'API-implementaton-rule :conclusion '(copyright:derivedFrom ?R1 ?R2) :premises [(a/pm '(top:provenanceRelease ?E1 ?R1)) (a/pm '(sof:implementedAPI ?E1 ?E2)) (a/pm '(top:provenanceRelease ?E2 ?R2))]) 30.01.15 8
  9. How it looks like? 30.01.15 9

  10. How it looks like? 30.01.15 10

  11. How it looks like? 30.01.15 11

  12. How it looks like? 30.01.15 12

  13. MARKOS License Analyzer More informaton: • htp://www.markosproject.eu Demo for testng:

    • htp://demo.markosproject.eu That's all J. Manrique López de la Fuente @jsmanrique / @bitergia htp://bitergia.com 30.01.15 13