Thoughts on Adoption InnerSource and/or Agile

Thoughts on Adoption InnerSource and/or Agile

Presentation at the InnerSource Commons Spring Summit in Galway 2019.
Speakers: Jorge Herrera, Entelgy and Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia.
Title: Thoughts on adopting InnerSource and/or Agile.

Abstract: One of the main questions that any company willing to try InnerSource is how this can be integrated with their current way of developing. Even more, some of them have recently started with Agile and this may be seen as ‘yet another software development approach’. Agile and InnerSource are defined in both cases and [e.g.: in the Wikipedia] as software development practices. However it seems that it is still not clear how each of them can complement the other. This talk aims at bringing on the table some thoughts on how Agile is being used by some large corporations, and how InnerSource is being applied by some others. We do not aim at stating facts, but at opening a fruitful discussion with the audience with the goal of bringing more uses cases and sharing experiences among the attendees.



April 10, 2019