Thoughts on Adoption InnerSource and/or Agile

Thoughts on Adoption InnerSource and/or Agile

Presentation at the InnerSource Commons Spring Summit in Galway 2019.
Speakers: Jorge Herrera, Entelgy and Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia.
Title: Thoughts on adopting InnerSource and/or Agile.

Abstract: One of the main questions that any company willing to try InnerSource is how this can be integrated with their current way of developing. Even more, some of them have recently started with Agile and this may be seen as ‘yet another software development approach’. Agile and InnerSource are defined in both cases and [e.g.: in the Wikipedia] as software development practices. However it seems that it is still not clear how each of them can complement the other. This talk aims at bringing on the table some thoughts on how Agile is being used by some large corporations, and how InnerSource is being applied by some others. We do not aim at stating facts, but at opening a fruitful discussion with the audience with the goal of bringing more uses cases and sharing experiences among the attendees.



April 10, 2019


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    What do you face trying to explain InnerSource into an

    organization already applying agile frameworks and techniques? Are InnerSource and agile frameworks (ie. Scrum or Scrum@Scale) complementaries? Can be compared? Is InnerSource another way of doing agile? Just like frameworks as Scrum Do we need anything like an InnerSource framework? Can we start from a IS maturity model? Motivation Why InnerSource? I’m already using SCRUM
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    Comparing InnerSource principles vs. Agile & Scrum values InnerSource principles

    Communication Transparency Collaboration Community Meritocracy Agile Manifesto values Scrum pillars Scrum values Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Transparency Focus Working software over comprehensive documentation Inspection Openness Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Adaptation Respect Responding to change over following a plan Courage Commitment
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    Communication and transparency How are these principles and values implemented?

    InnerSource Open communication in open teams Transparency by design Agile Open communication in closed teams (pre-defined scrum teams) Maybe you can find somewhere info from other teams (documentation is not prioritized)
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    Collaboration How are these principles and values implemented? InnerSource Collaboration

    between individuals Trusted committer (gatekeeper) Inner Source office Agile Collaboration with customer and between team members SoS team, Solution / Release Train Engineer (Solution train, ART) Executive Action Team
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    Agile and InnerSource ‘Dev. Teams’ Roles InnerSource Trusted Committer Contributors

    Pattern -> Review Committee Evolving teams based on merits Agile SoS team, Solution / Release Train Engineer (Solution train, ART) Scrum team PO, Business Owners, Epic Owners Pre-defined and closed team
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    Agile and InnerSource ‘Dev. Teams’ Geographical distribution InnerSource Based on

    open source organizations and method. Distributed by design. Agile Start with small (5-9) and physically close teams. Geographical distribution does not help.
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    How to scale Communities vs. scrum scale (SoS) InnerSource Scale

    by design Open collaboration by design Anyone is welcome to help Agile Replicate scrum arch. (SoS, SoSoS) Teams integration via new roles, complex Teams composition decided by managers
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    Documentation Helping communication and knowledge management InnerSource Explicit knowledge created

    given its distributed nature. Archivable and referenceable documentation and decisions is important. Agile Tacit knowledge created across member teams. Human being interactions are more important.
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    How to start Main references and resources InnerSource O’Reilly books refs. Academic papers Community work - learning, patterns How can we improve impact? Agile Agile manifesto Many guides for frameworks (scrum, SAFe, LeSS, Lean, scrum@scale) More professionalized/mature environment
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    Agile & InnerSource: working together Learn from each other InnerSource

    Iteration and product evolution (incremental value)?: How can we iterate and incrementally work? Agile concepts: Commitment, Focus, Adaptation, ... Agile Silo-ed dev teams: How can we avoid this in Agile? How to scale delocalized dev teams? (better than scaling frameworks)
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    Open Discussion Are IS and Agile frameworks complementaries? Does IS

    help to scale agile? Can IS learn anything from agile maturity? How can we have more impact? => Transition from Agile to (Agile+IS|IS) reference?