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What, who, when and how of software development

December 01, 2018

What, who, when and how of software development

Slides used for GDG Asturias DevFest 2018 talk about Bitergia, GrimoireLab and Software Development Analytics


December 01, 2018

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  1. Software Development Analytics What, who, when and how of software

    development J. Manrique López de la Fuente @jsmanrique / @bitergia [email protected] DevFest Asturias - Gijón - Dec., 2018
  2. Overhead projector, used during lessons in a classroom. Typ: favorit

    master 625, made by Liesegang, Düsseldorf. By mailer_diablo
  3. You’ll become a technology company, if you are not yet

    Your software infrastructure is one of your company’s key assets Digital Transformation
  4. Software Infrastructure Management Open Source Program Office todogroup.org Inner Source

    Program Office innersourcecommons.org www.meetup.com/es-ES/innersource-spain/
  5. Who is contributing to the projects? How much/what/where are they

    contributing*? Who is driving successful projects? Who is behind a project? How welcoming is a project? Questions for open source projects
  6. Which projects are more community attractive? Are projects retaining contributors?

    Are projects community-driven or enterprise-driven? How diverse is your community? Who are projects top contributors? Where does my community come from? Where else my community contributes? Questions for communities
  7. How fast are we dealing with feedback (issues, requests, comments)?

    How long does it take to add new features? Are people engaged with the project/company? Is the project/company allowing innovation? Questions for collaborative project
  8. GrimoireLab / Bitergia Analytics (Python packages) $ pip install grimoirelab

    Let’s have some fun: bit.ly/perceval-colab Software Development Analytics
  9. GrimoireLab / Bitergia Analytics (Single Docker image) $ docker run

    -p \ -v $(pwd)/credentials.cfg:/mordred-override.cfg \ -t grimoirelab/full Credentials file: [github] api-token = XXX Software Development Analytics
  10. GrimoireLab / Bitergia Analytics (set of Docker images) $ git

    clone https://gitlab.com/Bitergia/lab/analytics-demo $ cd analytics-demo Review and modify configurations files: projects.json setup.cfg $ docker-compose up -d Software Development Analytics
  11. “collecting data is only the first step toward wisdom, but

    sharing data is the first step toward community” Henry Louis Gates Jr.
  12. “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics

    without strategy is the noise before defeat” Sun Tzu
  13. Activity Questions How much… (code, tests, communication, review…) When... (patterns,

    time zones, trends…) Where… (by module, by company, by activity...) Deviations… (differential analysis, gaps…) Organization… (sequences of activity…) …
  14. Activity Community Questions How many… (by role, by company, by

    experience…) How important… (bus factor, core/regular/casual…) Where are they working… (by activity, by code area…) How skilled… (experience, mentoring, efficiency….) How long… (attraction, retention, patterns…) ...
  15. Activity Community Processes Questions How is people doing… (fix bugs,

    code review...) How long is taking… (fix bugs, attend contributions…) What is missing… (backlog of open code reviews...) How is performance... (test coverage, bug density, issue throughput...) Where are problems… (bottlenecks, process technical debt…) ...
  16. “Human beings adjust behavior based on the metrics they’re held

    against. Anything you measure will impel a person to optimize his score on that metric. What you measure is what you’ll get. Period” You Are What You Measure by Dan Ariely
  17. CHAOSS Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software chaoss.community GrimoireLab

    is one of CHAOSS software projects chaoss.github.io/grimoirelab CHAOSSCon Europe - Brussels - Feb, 1st, 2019
  18. “To measure is to know” “If you can not measure

    it, you cannot improve it” Lord Kelvin