Anniversary Gary McCulloch Presentation

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February 09, 2012

Anniversary Gary McCulloch Presentation

Gary McCulloch's power point presentation for the Annual Seminar on 16 November 2011



February 09, 2012


  1. Gary McCulloch Institute of Education University of London The Standing

    Conference on Studies in Education – Sixty Years On 16 November 2011
  2. Interdisciplinarity Julie Thompson Klein (2010) A taxonomy of Interdisciplinarity Multidisciplinarity

    Interdisciplinarity Transdisciplinarity •Juxtaposing Integrating Transcending •Sequencing Linking Transgressing •Coordinating Focusing Transforming Blending 3
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  5. 1900-1940 Institutions 1901 British Association for Advancement of Science Section

    L, ‘Educational Science’ (Title changes to ‘Education’ 1946) (HE Armstrong) 1901 British Psychological Society •1919 Psychology of Education Section •1923 Standing Committee of Education Research (Susan Isaacs) 1928 Scottish Council for Research in Education 1932 Institute of Education, University of London (Originally established in 1902 as the London Day Training College) Journals 1908-10 Training College Record 1911-23 Journal of Experimental Pedagogy (JA Green, Sheffield) 1918 - Scottish Educational Journal 1920 The New Era (World Education Fellowship) 1923-30 Forum of Education 1930- British Journal of Educational Psychology (CW Valentine, Birmingham) 5
  6. 1940-1960 Institutions 1951 Standing Conference on Studies in Education (Chairman

    WR Niblett, Leeds; Secretary JW Tibble, Leicester) (From 2001, Society for Educational Studies) Journals 1943 Bulletin of Education (ATCDE) 1948 Educational Review (University of Birmingham) 1950 British Journal of Sociology (ed DV Glass, Morris Ginsburg, TH Marshall – LSE) 6 1943 Nuffield Foundation 1943-81 Assoc of Teachers in Colleges and Depts of Education (ATCDE) 1946 National Foundation for Educational Research (Sir Fred Clarke) 1952 British Journal of Educational Studies (Associated with SCSE) (ed by ACF Beales, KCL)
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  8. 8 Questions? Contact: Professor Gary McCulloch Brian Simon Professor of

    History of Education Institute of Education, University of London 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H OAL Email: Institute of Education University of London 20 Bedford Way London WC1H 0AL Tel +44 (0)20 7612 6000 Fax +44 (0)20 7612 6126 Email Web