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Fallacies of Doom - Devoxx BE 17

Fallacies of Doom - Devoxx BE 17

Mahmoud Abdelghany

November 09, 2017

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  1. @blackbeard0x14e #Devoxx Boring intro: history • id Software: Unusual company

    creating ‘innovative’ games(Keen, Wolf3D, Doom, Quake) • Self taught era, efficient coding style(s) • Nerd rage anecdote • Djoom3? • Why the boring awesome intro?
  2. @blackbeard0x14e #Devoxx Immutability; const vs final • final for variables

    sucks • final for functions sucks less • final for classes rocks
  3. @blackbeard0x14e #Devoxx Operator overloading idMat3 a, b, c, z; z

    = a + b * c; z = a.oPlus(b).oMultiply(c); z = b.oMultiply(c).oPlus(a);//technically correct z = a.oPlus(b.oMultiply(c));//compiler correct
  4. @blackbeard0x14e #Devoxx A backwards compatible story? •Why is backwards compatibility

    the default mode of operation? •Why not make it optional with compile/runtime warnings/errors?