Designing Designers' Time

Edec1d92a12c318ecfe087532c84be24?s=47 Tin Kadoic
April 09, 2019

Designing Designers' Time

What does a week in a life of a designer look like? How successful are we in managing the complexities that come with designing for society-first, user-centric experiences while still maintaining collaboration, creativity and innovation. How do we invest our time throughout the (work) day, and what are the challenges behind connecting our micro-actions, habits, and how we spend our hours to the impact we have on our projects, teams, and communities.

Drawing inspiration from 15y of experience working as a freelancer, studio owner, consultant, lecturer, startup designer, and in-house designer, the goal is to deconstruct how vastly different our activities might be – ranging from craft to strategy, from IC to mentorship, from prototyping for usability testing to facilitating ice breakers.

This talk will walk the audience through a real-time job description of a designer in 2019 – one that can thrive only if it continues to adapt.


Tin Kadoic

April 09, 2019