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NEXT day : Digital Shoreditch 2015

NEXT day : Digital Shoreditch 2015

eet Labs data visualisation : Big Data & Open Data = Little Big Data


Ben Greenaway

May 13, 2015


  1. How  to  queue  in  an  on-­‐demand  world.   …Fifteen minutes

    away… @blgreenaway   @eet_app   www.eetapp.com   Benjamin  Greenaway  
  2. eet,  was  once  MenuSpring   @eet_app    

  3. eet  dataset   …biggest Restaurant / Menus dataset in London…

  4. Discover, Eat, Share. @eet_app    

  5. even  more  data   …searches, bookings, locations, times, distances, …

  6. None
  7. @eet_app     I  believe  that  this  much-­‐maligned  and  

    o4en  vacuous  visual  equivalent  to  the   sound-­‐bite  shall  endure  as  one  of  the   iconic  markers  of  society’s  digital   development  in  exactly  the  same  way   that  the  disk  drive  does.      
  8. @eet_app     •  Efficiency   •  OpEmizaEon   • 

    Mining  Metrics   •  InformaEon   BIG  DATA  vs  Open  Data   BIG  DATA  
  9. @eet_app     •  Visibility  /  Transparency   •  Engagement

      •  Insight   •  Understanding   BIG  DATA  vs  Open  Data   Open  Data  
  10. @eet_app     AccounEng  &  Efficiency  vs  Curiosity  &  Geeky

     fun         -­‐  count  me  in  for  LiTle  Big  Data   BIG  DATA  vs  Open  Data   hTp://www.yelp.co.uk/wordmap/london/hipster     hTp://maps.stamen.com/trees-­‐cabs-­‐crime      
  11. How  we  see  data  at  eet   @eet_app    

    h?p://labs.eetapp.com   @eet_app    
  12. @eet_app     avocado  

  13. @eet_app     biryani  

  14. @eet_app     •  Solr  4.1  (menus  data)   • 

    Google  Maps  API  v3  JavaScript   •  Bootstrap   •  <1  day  –  geeky  fun  
  15. the  lab  for  our  lab…   @eet_app     Heatmap

      Heatmap  Comparison   Cuisine  Explorer   Login  /  Useage  Explorer   Queing  &  Timeline  Explorer    
  16. the  tools  for  our  lab…   @eet_app     Google

     Maps  v3  JavaScript   *  hTps://developers.google.com/maps/documentaEon/javascript/   d3.js  Data  Driven  Documents     *  hTp://d3js.org  
  17. hTp://labs.eetapp.com   @eet_app    

  18. @eet_app     toggle-­‐swap  comparison  heatmap  

  19. @eet_app     free-­‐roam  cuisine  explorer  

  20. @eet_app     queing  explorer  

  21. Thanks.   @eet_app     labs.eetapp.com   @blgreenaway