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Proposal for California Community College

Proposal for California Community College

How can you add web development capabilities to a community college program at zero cost? Through partnership with a DDNS provider for one...


Ben Greenaway

August 30, 2011


  1. mccc.tzo.net Documentation

  2. World Wide Web Domains & DNS We all surf the

    web with domain names. When your enter a domain name what really happens is the domain name system looks up the unique numerical code for the machine you want. “www.somedomain.com ” You request a page on the internet from ‘www.somedomain.com’ with your browser The machine with the name ‘www.somedomain.com’ replies to your request and sends your page back
  3. The ‘real’ story,…

  4. Servers and Sites A website can be built on just

    one dedicated server. Or it could be built on two or more kinds of servers. Or it could live on one server with many other sites in shared hosting Or pretty much any other arrangement you could think of, so long as it answers all requests at it’s IP Address. ?
  5. The (L)AMP Stack Apache, MySQL and PHP together are a

    very powerful webserver. If they are deployed on Linux, the entire server is free to install and run The Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP server solution provides the web with more than half of it’s servers!
  6. The Mira Costa Community College Project Each community college computer

    club member will have both a LAMP server and a fully qualified personal domain name for the lifetime of their membership in the club.